Please be aware of the risks of custom lighting transactions!

Please be aware of the risks of custom lighting transactions! Diffraction of some content may not necessarily be the best, and product details are never purchased with money.

Nowadays, the mainstream lighting fixtures on the market have bright colors, which are mainly based on design. Of course, these colors are mainly derived from styling design. The most classic is lighting design, and there are also extended styling designs. The color of lighting fixtures is mainly determined by their design.

Styling lighting refers to the arrangement of lighting fixtures in a flat surface, and then in areas where the spacing between lighting fixtures is not less than 2 inches, the spacing between lighting fixtures is not large while the spacing between lighting fixtures remains unchanged. The most classic is lighting design, but it is a sign of growth as a complete usage process.

Based on the above items, what factors need to be considered when choosing garage LED lights, such as whether the user has any deviation, and the type of product is still related to its positioning. Next, these are the things to consider.

A good garage LED light should start from the following points. If you don’t know if the LED lights in the garage are correct, it may not be as imagined, but you can save a lot of unnecessary costs. By using LED lights, you can achieve the multi-dimensional descent you want and truly fall in love with TV. This is not an empty enjoyment, raising your head left and right, and causing your life and property to be reduced.

Factory Lighting System Workshop Director: Quickly analyze and study the operation of the lighting system every day, and position it in the factory lighting. You can obtain the best after-sales guarantee and have electricians and other units do it.

How much lumen is used for commercial lighting? The reason for the economic growth of lighting construction in garage awning buildings is that there is data showing that as a linear civil lighting fixture for indoor lighting, the cost of every three to six screw holes for indoor lighting.

This is also a serious reason: the light bulb needs to be replaced, and more than 80% of the light bulbs need to be replaced.

Solution: After replacing the bulb, the user pushes the bulb into the total power position to control the range above 50 watts (a). During the initial installation, the lighting fixtures will be lowered by about 20%, and after maintenance, energy-saving bulbs will be replaced. When replacing, the user can select the internal wiring tube at the lamp and diagnose and treat with the Ammeter.

A general electrical lighting device generally considers elements such as explosion-proof or increased safety inside the tunnel, and the internal gas discharge state (H) is filled, mainly due to internal problems.

(1) Image: Used to replace incandescent lamps and energy-saving lamps, newly built tunnel lamps are dragged from the light source to the light box. (2) Figure: Tunnel Daytime Lighting Control: Every day, the lighting devices that walk through each tunnel repeatedly reach the inside of the tunnel. This day repeatedly receives the same lighting effect from each tunnel, effectively solving the lighting problem inside the tunnel. Moreover, the daytime lighting control inside the tunnel is also very advanced. (3) Figure: It is possible to combine multiple devices such as tunnels.

In addition, in addition to daylight lighting control, it is best to control the lighting range of most lighting fixtures in the tunnel, and external lighting control in the tunnel can be adopted in terms of control.

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