Please pay attention to exporting custom lighting to these countries in the near future! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods.

General lighting ACN0/os PLL high-power centralized controller IGBT Ouchuang DA and other 12V DMX512 digital dimmers DC DMX512 IGQio DMX512 IGQb fiber optic converter DC DMX512 Yaoleidun light DMX512/IGTM series bulb light TD-X7260 AC DMX3012 DMX512/single core 120 ESD three core new integrated matrix light DMX512/single core 110mm polar pixel wind light DMX512/single core 12K DMX512 line light DMX512R light washing wall light DMX512RGBM Electrodeless pixel microwave induction DMX light washing wall lamp DMX512 accessory DMX512RGBM single drive motor DMX512 knife bridge downlight DMX512RGBM/single drive motor DMX512 knife bridge downlight DMX512RGBM/single drive motor DMX512 knife bridge driver DMX512 Nixie tube DMX512RGBM/single drive motor DMX512 decoder DMX512 external control colorful Nixie tube DMX512 external control Nixie tube non-standard customization.

The square LED combination light cube Stage lighting rotates and strikes the waterproof film and television KTV power, which is directly supplied to German target brands across the border.

On the five cables that project light on the touch screen, it is not allowed to be turned on or off to achieve the desired effect. It is sewn using extrusion technology. In this way, the seven colors are achieved, and if you want the meaning, you must modify it. If you want someone to start replacing it, you must accept evaluation.

One of the six raw materials. UV resistant flame retardant, no bubbles, no brittleness, anti-aging flame retardant; No mercury or toxicity; Using a waste water tank for storage is more effective; Use strong heat sources to prevent fire and moisture.

Four units in six directions, the master can handle 90 degrees horizontally and 90 degrees vertically. Accurate light distribution and uniformity of illumination should be better coordinated with the master.

Nine directions: When tilted at 60 degrees, the reflected light is weaker, and when the beam angle is 120 degrees, the reflected light is stronger; When the beam angle is 150 degrees, the reflected light is strong and the beam angle waste is too large.

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