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PostModern Chandelier – A Must have

PostModern Chandelier – A Must have


A Postmodern chandelier is a chandelier you must definitely know about. For those who are wondering what a chandelier is? A chandelier is a decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles, mostly hanged from the wall or the ceiling. Well, in simple words, it is that decoration, where people used to place candles to light the room, which you often get to see in castles of Hollywood movies, but now the candles have been replaced by LED light bulbs and incandescent light bulbs. They are now placed in living rooms, kitchen, bedroom and it also increases the beauty of the room in addition to providing light.


A Postmodern chandelier is one which takes the art from the post-modern era. To make it simple to understand the year from 1450 – 1960 was the modern era, 1960- early 2000 was the postmodern era, while the current one is the contemporary era in terms of art. It’s been said postmodern era was the era which rejected logic, it was subjective i.e. it was based on one’s views, opinions and perspective and it can be highly seen in the Postmodern chandelier and other arts from that time. The artists who were

making the chandeliers at that time were not shackled by common sense and it can be seen in the chandeliers, which were in the form of various complex shapes, patterns completely unorthodox at the time.

 ANC-Cheap Crystal Chandeliers-postmodern Chandelier – A Must Have

If you think a chandelier is beautiful to look at, believe me, postmodern chandeliers take that to another level, but it is not commonly found. The chandeliers which are found nowadays are mostly hybrid chandeliers which are made by combining modern and contemporary art styles. Chandeliers are something that not only provides lighting, but it also increases the beauty of the room adding another texture to it which is why chandeliers are now becoming more and more common in homes.


There are many styles of chandelier such as shaded, crystal, waterfall, candle type, globe, Sputnik, etc and all of them are unique in their own aspect and beautiful to look at. But we as humans have different

tastes, personality, perspective which can be seen in our individuality and as such there are times when people don't find the chandelier they are looking for. We make the chandeliers which they are looking for because we are a lighting company in China who make custom-built chandeliers for our customers,

there are not many places where people get the option for a custom built chandelier, but we do, as we know everyone is different and unique.


Why a Custom Built Chandelier?


One of the reasons why you should opt for a custom built chandelier is that as chandeliers are becoming more and more popular, there are many similar types of the chandelier which can be easily be found in various homes. Imagine that the chandelier which you have in your home is also present in a lot of homes, I guess you won’t feel good, so having a custom built chandelier is perfect because no one else will be able to have that because it will be built according to your ideas, which will be pretty amazing

to look at.


 You know everyone has different needs and their different perspective so why not get a chandelier built according to your home requirements. Most chandeliers are built according to standards and it’s not necessary that the standard chandelier will be good for your home, so it’s better to have a chandelier made that is suitable for your home.


You know when I was a kid, I always imagined living in a big city with a house that would be according to my imagination and dreams, and I can bet that you are pretty much the same. So now when you have a

house why not style it according to your imagination, it will be pretty amazing and most of all you will feel really good and we can do that for you, whatever the imagination you have in your mind, as long as you are ready to have that turn into something tangible, we will definitely do that for you.


Do you remember what I talked about at the beginning about the postmodern era being subjective and the reflection which can be easily witnessed in the Postmodern chandelier made by the artist at that time, because getting a custom built chandelier is more or less is like making your own postmodern chandelier as we will make the chandelier according to your views, opinions, perspective and the feeling which you want to give. You know postmodern art doesn't really focus on rational thought and rejects logic, so having your own custom built chandelier in your home, having a different story to it will be awesome and I can bet not many people have tried doing it. We can do just that for you and believe my words, we do an amazing job.


The art in the postmodern era was simple but at the same time presenting a view which was definitely not simple and postmodern chandeliers follows the same pattern which makes it all the more beautiful and elegant. Making a custom build chandelier is difficult and I can't deny that not many companies are able to do that, but we are one of the few who is able to do that. Manifesting someone's imagination, dreams, views into something tangible is really difficult and at the same time something really amazing, and we enjoy doing that for our customers.


During medieval times, only novelty and wealthy families were able to own a chandelier, but with the onslaught of time it changed and now many people are able to own it. Like many other things, chandeliers which have passed this onslaught of time has evolved and the various arts which were dominant at those times can easily be seen in many of the chandeliers. In the postmodern era, the times were peaceful and it was highly reflected in the arts which were expressed at that time and postmodern

chandelier beautifully presents it. For many people, it will be difficult to understand and appreciate it, but believe me, it is amazingly beautiful for many people and you'll also know it when you see it.


But it's a shame there are not many people who appreciate it, Postmodern chandelier is a really amazing style of chandelier depicting the artist's thought and views. There are not many people who know about it but for those who know about it, it is more than just a lighting accessory, well if you don't believe my word, just go and have a look for yourself.

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