Prediction of inflection points in the hospitality lighting industry

The inflection point prediction of the hospitality lighting industry is the total number of bedroom light types and the average ratio of type lights, which is due to the stagnation of lighting carrier speed. The proposed style of hospitality lighting is mostly used for intermittent use of square lights, and the selection of hospitality lighting materials has a high degree of closure and high glare

The development of the ceiling lamp market and the competition in the market are mainly influenced by the decorative enterprises of tube spotlights. At present, tube spotlights have a large sales volume in the industry, and have been used by Tongfang and major brands for more than ten years. At present, Chuangming Lang has launched an ultra-thin tube lamp with the characteristics of tube lamps, with a size of 1.

Simply put, the tube lamp is installed on a suspended ceiling and hung on a 7-10mm crystal buckle plate. The tube lamp is not only fashionable and has soft light, but can also be flexibly placed in places that need to be lit, such as stairwells, living rooms, restaurants, and so on. Its appearance is very simple, mostly circular, square, and 25.

Downlights are generally installed in the living room, with ceiling lights forming a pair with the main lights in the living room. They can also be hung in the living room and dining room. Downlights are brighter and cheaper than ordinary light sources. 4 Downlights are generally 3 to 20 watts, with stronger applicability and more prominent design

In terms of the increasingly flexible advantages of glass desk lamps, the functional diversity of the down lamp is not as extensive as that of LCD. Three capacitors can be initially considered to remove the point and light up the down lamp. When achieving the best lighting effect, the operating effect desk lamp IM30 can be directly downloaded, simplifying the entire down lamp circuit to the lowest level, which is a necessary and easy-to-use solution for operating the desk lamp.

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Main business: Homestay Lamp Health Lamp Beijing Villa Lamp Shandong Manufacturer Wholesale 30008400 15000.

The lighting design of homestays follows a pattern and special usage requirements for configuration, aiming to create a warm, bright, soft, and harmonious home environment. On the basis of healthy lighting, it is designed based on the psychological, emotional, and physical conditions of residents according to the meaning of life and other aspects, to meet people’s physiological and psychological needs.

The superiority of homestay lighting design is achieved by integrating decorative techniques with interior decoration to enrich the spatial hierarchy and reshape the sense of spatial hierarchy. The design of the lighting fixtures is rich in variation, with a comfortable texture. Luminaires can also be installed on walls to add lighting to each space and create a warm indoor atmosphere.

Using low brightness lighting, the lighting surface is like a vast starry sky, reflecting the colors and lights of the living room onto the bar counter, creating a vibrant and intense image in a three-dimensional manner.

The lighting design of homestays adopts a suspended ceiling that continues the style of logs, which is not too cumbersome, simple and elegant, and is also a way of expressing the unique charm of local architecture.

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