Prediction of the Development of hospitality lighting Industry

Light source: The quantity and quality of lighting light sources result in significant price differences and cost-effectiveness differences.

Lighting power supply: The performance of the lighting power supply and control power supply depends on the environmental conditions. Therefore, the overall performance of lighting products is crucial.

Luminaires: Luminaires are a key part of lighting design, which directly affects the effectiveness and value of lighting engineering. Therefore, lighting fixtures have become good materials for home, environmental decorations, clothing, and even household interior decoration.

In recent years, Fujian Qiangli LED and Dongguan, two major enterprises, have integrated online and offline to achieve the integration of lighting engineering without professional contracting qualifications for main lights and decorative lighting at levels one, two, and three. This is because this is a domestic factory under construction. Large outdoor factories in domestic civilian sheds (referred to as engineering) can also fully achieve lighting functions and artistic technology integration.

The “Guang” brand lamps and LED indoor and outdoor lighting tube spotlights are a type of international grade downlight. These two types of lamps embedded in the ceiling have many different lighting professional companies as the ideal choice for lighting the hotel’s lighting system.

Landscape courtyard lights and spotlights are generally installed at the ditch mouth and other places in the garden landscape, as they require a certain width. If the installation distance is more than 25 meters, the city electricity cost should be estimated closely, and the height is about 03 meters. Therefore, they can be installed within 2-5 meters for lighting. What types of Shenyang modern courtyard lamps are generally available? Shenyang modern courtyard lamps generally have gardens and residential areas, but it is important to choose places that are good and special, and cannot be used below 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, or 10.

Generally, there is a great difference between them and the road surface, but there are many styles, such as bilateral straight lines, art lights, courtyard lights, lighting sculptures, etc. Because they have good production quality and exquisite appearance, they have better integration value with the ground. And the size of the style can also be referred to as art lamps, street lamps, solar energy series, and aluminum shaped materials lamps, all of which belong to the style. The style is homogeneous and beautiful, and the color selection is also different. You can choose according to market demand.

Courtyard lights are mainly used to increase the lighting for people’s nighttime travel and facilitate their nighttime activities. They are used to increase the time and space for outdoor activities. It can also change people’s mood, enhance their emotions, and change their mindset.

Courtyard lights can improve the safety and convenience of people’s nighttime travel. They can not only change a person’s mood, but also change their consciousness and enhance their empathy. Courtyard lights comprehensively consider population, population, and environmental needs, so their prices will decrease year by year to meet reasonable festive needs. Courtyard lights comprehensively consider population density, adjust lighting intensity reasonably, and improve energy efficiency; Secondly, adjust the height of the courtyard lamp pole reasonably, improve the lighting intensity and intensity of the lamps, improve the lighting power and energy-saving effect of the lamps, and create more economic and social benefits.

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