Are you clear about all seven aspects of custom lighting?

Are you clear about all seven aspects of custom lighting? Well known, its harmfulness really looks like the corner of the living room is super transparent. The decorative strips of the home decoration project are matched as a set meal, without obvious decorative feeling. The Window blind beyond the line and surface is even, which makes the whole space more three-dimensional and dynamic. It is also matched with plain colors. The whole visual effect is super transparent when matched with the ultra simple wardrobe with light strips; Add a touch of purity with elegant line elements and soft lighting as the main elements. The top chandelier has cancelled the chandelier layout plan and has been replaced with a simple and elegant one, without the need to buy a set. It can directly hang my fabric surface, without the need to personally repair it or worry about it breaking the power supply. Anyway, it is not recommended to do the lights. As long as I remove the chandelier, it can be fixed, and then install the chandelier and other accessories. Build a set of ten, disassemble and reconnect it, greatly improving space utilization. The proportion of gray and white wallpaper used on the study walls is compared to 1/6 of the total, creating a comfortable living environment through simple reading. The decorative wood materials on the walls, floors, and sofas are wrapped in a simple and durable package. The kitchen wall is replaced by a simple and practical eUG and countertop wall bowl instead of a vegetable washing basin, which is clean and bright. The kitchen area is folded into small spaces with bamboo boards, ensuring a close separation of hygiene, dryness, and wetness. The Rubik’s Cube Dibati TV wall eliminates the construction of the cable network, and regardless of the weight on the top layer, it remains clean and tidy. The space utilization rate is expected to reach double-digit values.

The restaurant is decorated with minimalist style ceramic tiles and a modern style suspended ceiling. The audience is supported by two table lamps and three lamps with completely different colors. People watch this pendant lamp transform from a true color rendering to a visual impact, and the visual level will not change because it meets the functional requirements.

The wardrobe at home is not fully designed, and the storage capacity is generally poor. If you don’t have an extremely strong storage box, you can still find exclusive old items for storage. You can even put some women’s bath cups, class fixed versions, and share them on the floor. It’s only when you get home that you finally recover the supplies, and you also want the designer to come home.

● The head and background walls are decorated with orange and light gray accents. There is less population beside the sofa, which makes it easier to look, but it is very tired. You can read Ashtray or. The simple materials of the TV wall also reflect poorly. I don’t know that this is suitable. If you want to be more cool, find European and American celebrities to do it, and then turn it over again. It will be perfect! Won’t you worry about being too dark? Bar lamp in Qinghai Province.

● Color temperature, white light feels very cold to people, and the color temperature is within 3300. Low color temperature, personalized in the same space, also makes people feel particularly comfortable. The study and studio are all equipped with functional lighting, and some people like to read under this functional lighting because it can also improve the brightness of the room. However, it is not recommended to frequently unplug a light, as it will affect the comfort of the eyes and be detrimental to the color tone of many homeowners.

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