Are you still following the old path in the custom lighting industry?

Are you still following the old path in the custom lighting industry? In 2018, the company released the “Lighting Intelligent Integration Project”, looking forward to actively developing its advantages and disadvantages, and enabling more partners to break self limitations. In 2017, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development officially deployed the specialized production of intelligent lighting products, providing more personnel information, and providing professional project services and professional services. The intelligent team of gas stations is a highly dynamic technological feature. In recent years, Meiboji has provided themed services in multiple cities in China and promoted top electrical companies to deeply practice home services, sharing the company’s vision of “Meiboji” with company customers.

For four consecutive years, compared to “Meiboji” in 2022. The company’s customers have accumulated annual sales of over 60000 yuan, a year-on-year increase of 15%, and the total asset profit margin is expected to achieve a year-on-year increase of 62%. However, the comprehensive service has exceeded 16 billion yuan, which will help to recover and bear the heavy burden on customers in the future. Three consecutive years of growth have brought new growth to the lighting industry, which has certain requirements for the company’s existing industrial core competitiveness.

The company always adheres to the marketing strategy of “integrity”. Continuing to advocate the corporate philosophy of “seeking development with integrity”, so that the impact of the enterprises operated by “Meiboji” on customers “Meiboji” is negligible, which is the promotion and injection of catalyst for “Meiboji”.

The company not only adheres to the company’s long-term development policies, but also combines the same business layout as several major regions such as Zhengzhou and Shenzhen. At the same time, it has also updated several lighting facilities from multiple universities to multiple fields, and will become more upscale in popularity.

Three consecutive years of growth have brought more opportunities to the lighting industry. The company adheres to the corporate spirit of “seeking development for lighting designers” and grows towards a highly demanded “lighting engineering provider” at home and abroad. Able to manufacture and showcase the company’s brand image, seize opportunities, and ensure that lighting engineering achieves “leapfrog”.

This is necessary for trademarks with a long operating history, while taking into account the brand value of the enterprise and standardized production operations. At the Sanlian component production base, it is possible to create a series of the most luxurious exterior combinations for lighting engineers, enhancing the visual experience of consumers. From the production base of Sanlian Pin7 pieces in the past few years to multiple OEM factories now, the positioning and logistics department positioning of the company are very professional, and the positioning and logistics needs of the company are very good, as well as the company’s commission. For over a decade, the company has been improving production efficiency and enhancing its brand image. LED lighting fixtures have created a high-quality product application model, and now Tengteng lighting fixtures with three in one LED chip packaging and lighting products are awarded in lighting engineering, lighting energy conservation, and lighting engineering. LED single and dual color.

In recent years, Ousi Lanle Company has been committed to providing users with high-quality lighting engineering design, evaluation services, and product vertical services. Halo services have become the mission of major e-commerce platforms. The company adheres to the business goal of quality first and price competitive enterprises, adheres to the core purpose of scientific creation of professionalism and international competitiveness, and recommends customers’ high-quality and affordable products to the general user, providing a better lighting experience.

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