Chandeliers are the most common lighting tools. Lighting is deeply rooted in the human soul. From the primitive firelight for heating to the modern lighting system, people always give a lot of positive energy to the lights. In the unity of function and form, chandelier not only become masters of creating atmosphere, but also add artistic accent to space.

Quer o candeeiro seja pendurado com fios ou suportes de ferro, não deve ser pendurado demasiado baixo, obstruindo a visão normal das pessoas ou fazendo com que as pessoas se sintam deslumbradas. Tomemos como exemplo o candeeiro da sala de jantar, a altura ideal é formar uma piscina de luzes sobre a mesa de jantar, mas sem obstruir a visão de todos os que estão à mesa.

Large-scale chandeliers need to consider the problem of load-bearing. The load-bearing of the ceiling is limited, especially metal lamps and lanterns, which are relatively heavy. It is recommended to install it on a concrete ceiling to be safer. If it can only be installed on the wooden ceiling, the hanging chain needs to be fixed before construction; the calcium silicate board ceiling commonly used in general decoration cannot bear the load, so the chandelier should be reinforced with wood core board. We are a professional chandeliers lighting manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!