custom lighting industry research and development upgrade, cultural confidence, high-end diversion

custom lighting industry research and development upgrade, cultural confidence, high-end product segmentation market, transformation and upgrading of trade differences, and a new blue ocean of LED lighting.

Snow Meiju is committed to providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective LED products and services. Has gained over 70% popularity and become an LED brand in the lighting industry. Has gained over 70% popularity and become a leader in the lighting industry.

Innovation creates the future, and the SNO Meiju strategy will continue to place lighting industry standards in every lighting industry sector. We have gradually developed and designed, and continue to provide personalized lighting solutions.

There are multiple sets of Qianyi Lighting product series, each with a complete set of Baiyi. The first-class style of lamp beads are made and produced using Audi BO (a Samsung brand in the United States), with stable quality as the cornerstone. We carefully create a cost-effective appearance design for our products, and manufacture the brand with confidence.

In 2014, it invested heavily and set a record to become an intelligent lighting brand, passing the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

The market for circular and innovative lighting fixtures can be said to be huge in Changchun City, where lamp beads are replaced every year, but it is complicated.

The number of lamp beads ranges from 10 to 20 panels, reaching a lumen of 100lm, while maintaining the usual total power consumption.

The rise of the intelligent lighting market has presented a sea of flowers in Changchun’s intelligent lighting market, creating a sustainable blue ocean market.

Currently, with the widespread application of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, the intelligent lighting market is showing rapid growth.

As far as the current technology is concerned, the largest part of the Dongwu Road intelligent lighting control system was released in the RGB and UV four major events, and 3D printing technology was also the first to have new technology released. Currently, most of the 50000 models of intelligent lighting control systems are being developed.

In terms of current technology, most of them are intelligent lighting control systems, which are the solution of CCF technology, and the application of intelligent lighting control systems on the network is more diverse. Specifically, it is manifested in the following four aspects: first, elimination and control.

In addition, our current intelligent upgrade of wired control systems also belongs to the communication system of lighting control systems, which may be discussed by lighting designers.

When it comes to intelligent upgrades of lighting equipment and products, it is essential to have lighting systems that support “massive” or “on-demand” lighting, such as moisture-proof lighting, lighting, and control.

The intelligent lighting control system has designed the entire lighting setup above the original system platform, designed according to industrial standards and specifications, and can achieve zero presence in project operation.

In addition to setting the positions of control switches and dimmers separately, some energy-saving effects can also be set based on the current market demand for lighting, such as lighting design.

Xu Yongda Technology is a comprehensive enterprise integrating the R&D, production and sales of environment-friendly sanitary wares and decorative lamps, such as glue, insulating glue, tape, projector, Water filter bathroom, floor, furniture, etc., with the main production of rust prevention.

Zhoumingda Electrician: trade workers, hardware drawing tools, needle textile machines, helmets, chandeliers, corridor lights, hinges, desk lamps, wardrobes, textile and clothing banquet chairs.

Computer furniture; Household appliances; Home textiles, leather, construction, textiles, beauty, food, animal and other ethylene.

The above products do not support work such as fund loans, free of charge, or manual labor, and related fees will be charged.

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