Expansion of hospitality lighting Industry and Consumer Interaction Space

How does the expansion of the iluminação para hotelaria industry and consumer interaction space meet the segmentation of young people’s personal consumption habits.

Key points of hospitality lighting design: perfect hotel space, five person living space, and digital apartment lighting experience.

The key directions for helping family members choose LED spotlights: no main light design in the living room, no main light design in the living room, no main light design in the study, and no main light design in the restaurant to create an atmosphere.

Helping families reduce the risks of consuming labor, alleviate stress, spend less, physically and mentally harm, and create a home atmosphere.

Comfortable lighting atmosphere: It is necessary to pay attention to the lighting scheme in residential spaces. The home decoration market refers to the use of adjacent residential spaces, such as villas, kitchens, restaurants, etc.

Assisting in home feng shui: The decoration of new houses and third floor houses is suitable for orange curtains and silver floor heating enclosures, as well as golden floor sweeping robots, sofa chairs, wooden lighting fixtures, and floor lamps, which play a close role in the atmosphere.

Take a look at the layout of a furnished room: Should the living room have a suspended ceiling? Following in-depth investigation, it can be concluded that when a new house is renovated, the ceiling can also achieve shape. However, this time in a friendly environment, it is named as a fully furnished whole house handover. So what is a good place for a fully furnished whole house ceiling?

The selection of ceiling suspension. The issues that consumers across the city are paying attention to today are colored steel plates on the top, as well as various flowers. This reporter from our newspaper has explored the meaning of suspended ceilings and discussed with industry elites what is good about colored steel plates and what are the characteristics of lighting fixtures.

● Selection of cabinets. The commonly referred to cabinets in China are suspended inside, divided into switch cabinets and sinks. If the size of the cabinet is large, it is recommended to choose a higher wattage cabinet at the top, and consider using a smaller number of titanium wires. This will make it easier for some people to use the lighting fixtures under the cabinet that are always on, and it will not appear abrupt. There will also be some exquisite finished cabinet doors hanging on the top, which can make the overall quality more bright, making it convenient to choose titanium wires when going out in the future.

Bright image (this can be used as a reference, allowing for a visual experience and adding a lot of colors. In terms of visual effects, the brightness can be adjusted, and a tube light can be on for 13 hours. After completion, it can be combined to enhance the scenery effect.

If it is a complete set of LED light strip specifications, smaller LED light strips can also be selected, or even a power supply installed in series and parallel (with an output voltage of 5V, 24V or above) can be used.

The price has also decreased now, which is different from the requirements for outdoor light tube specifications. Generally, 50W, 30W, 100W, etc. must meet the requirements, and the general power of LED light strips should be between 0-5W.

● The Aspect ratio of light strips, etc. The Aspect ratio of 12 light strips is within a certain range, and the Aspect ratio exceeds a certain range.

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