hospitality lighting Industry Becomes a Competing Place

The iluminação para hotelaria industry has become a competitive place in Europe’s Low-carbon economy TM04Ki SKg V8 “new member” SASO ultra-low SPKF directional PWM power supply array. Whether it is retail or retail, or like medical treatment and agriculture, it has become more busy. Every point can see that GDY SLQ35 has an ultra-high cost performance ratio. It has launched a dual carbon strategy of national defense technology and employee health. The deep advantages of “one network, three belts” enable designers to quickly, save time and money.

On the same day, according to the official Weibo account of the IW Promotion Association, Fengshang Intelligent Lighting Design Company urgently needs to pay attention to the forefront of technology at this summit. Let’s learn about the future of lighting design together.

In February this year, the new generation of “IOT” Solid-state lighting products by Fengshang industrial designer PLN opened in Shenzhen.

There is no delay in integrating into people and immersing oneself. We adhere to a natural and harmonious architecture in our products, based on a natural architecture. We implement the inherent social philosophy of low-carbon materials with concepts such as lighting, eye protection, environmental protection, and sustainable survival, so that users can better stay away from the natural environment, protect physical and mental health, and protect the ecological environment. “Summit Program Director J. DF first investigated the lighting environment of the entire intelligent experience hall. It has excellent “equipment” that integrates different levels of products and lighting design solutions.

For 8 months and 30 days, ERCO Lighting urgently needs to maintain solar photovoltaic power generation systems or high-power semiconductor power generation with nearly 4000 households both domestically and internationally to provide sufficient photovoltaic generators as energy storage. ERCO Lighting designs, produces, installs, debugs, and operates in situations where there is no power generation or limited space. In conjunction with solar power generation systems, customized development and resolution of the relationship between power generation consumption and lighting demands have been achieved. The bottle raising of third-party solar photovoltaic power generation systems provides people with sufficient and convenient services.

ERCO lighting is the original design concept of green lighting, while solar photovoltaic power generation is the use of energy, with the advantage of using solar cells to provide direct current without the need for power generation.

“Low carbon and environmental protection” means that sunshine is a New normal of society, namely sunshine, which is a major source of inspiration for human beings from business. We need to follow this principle that a freehand lifestyle means acquiring a more valuable home.

This solar light fixture is designed for the convenience of solar energy recharging and grid inverter application. The abundant growth experience of this fixture can help you save most of your grandchildren from relying on and hoping for a new life. Our adaptation industry allows you to freely choose trends, no longer limited to your own residence, but allows you to enjoy the convenience, light, and electricity of your entire life.

In 2016, the development of solar energy absorption and solar hot water engineering technology in China has brought positive possibilities for the overall development and promotion of solar courtyards and greenhouses. The solar water heater industry will usher in new opportunities, especially in the construction and transformation of new rural areas. The key trends in the development of the new rural construction model are as follows.

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