Knowledge sharing in custom lighting industry, come and learn

The development prospects and cost-effectiveness of the LED lighting industry are based on the different applications of LED chips, resulting in mass expansion. Moreover, the mass research and development relies on the profit margin and improved procedures of LED lighting products, forming a relatively effective batch.

The development of the LED lighting industry has always been changing, and the researchers of the editor are constantly changing. With the emergence of the second round of technology, Micro LED has become increasingly competitive in the product market with people’s appearance. In addition to early research and development, today I will also share with you the design and craftsmanship of home lighting fixtures compared to traditional lighting.

The LED lighting industry is an inevitable trend towards a mature market. With the strong support of national policies, “small lights become bigger” has become the current trend. How small light bulb enterprises can seize the market opportunity must have one.

The LED driver used in LED indoor lighting, when connected to the previous section, will inevitably affect the lifespan of the LED. Because LED lamps have advantages such as low heat generation, lifespan, and luminous efficiency, the control system is adapted to various environments and adopts corresponding control methods. If the user inspects and uses a defective record, the product is a passive light with a failure rate of less than 1cd/m2, which indicates a relatively high failure rate and is bound to cause it.

Solar LED landscape lighting can play an effective role in composition analysis. The unique development trend of the solar LED landscape lighting manufacturing industry is LED road lighting.

Integration and joint sales: blue crystal panels, LED solar panels, blue crystal panel LED lighting fixtures, lamp poles, navigation light lenses, solar panels, LED solar street lamp caps, lamp pole kits, injection molded parts, and lamp poles.

Blue crystal plate production base, precision nitrogen products, blue crystal plate production base, solar PET plate, blue crystal plate production base; Our leading products range from LED white light LED cold light sources to LED ultraviolet light sources, LED heat source modules, and SMD modules.

Materials, stamping parts, injection molding machines, from epitaxial wafers, squares to soft transition heads, adhesive plastic packaging, LED packaging, battery and optoelectronic application products, auxiliary materials, and daily necessities; Die, extrusion press, extrusion die, Pouch laminator, extrusion die, placement machine, extrusion die and nitrogen pressing products, and the above products.

LED light source adopts imported chips, with excellent solid-state light source and short circuit and overvoltage protection functions;

● LED adopts no wire, which has the same thermal radiation induction as ordinary fluorescent lamps, to avoid light pollution caused by long-time lighting process and short-term lighting;

LED detachable lamp beads with high transmittance: resistant to UV aging, flame retardant for plant growth, non-toxic, and easy to pack.

LED light strip production, heat sink using Taiwan’s high brightness chip, with low light attenuation and long service life;

Our company has a research and development team, a comprehensive management system, and sufficient quality and after-sales service.

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