Table Lamp

Candeeiros de mesa

The resons we need table lamps is that the lighting from ceiling of general living places (such as homes, dormitories, hotels) is suitable for daily life, but not suitable for long-term reading and writing, because daily life has very low requirements on light, and the acceptable range of light brightness is very large (greater than 75 -100Lx is enough, and there is almost no upper limit), and the requirements for light stability are not high.

However, reading/writing requires close-up eyes, and the requirements for light are very high. The appropriate light brightness is in a small range (around 300Lx), and it must be stable enough. In the residential place, if there is a need for reading/writing, in addition to the roof light, there should also be a table lamp to fill the light for the book/desktop. Of course, the lamp also has a decorative effect.

When purchasing table lamps, you should pay attention to the following issues: using a wide range of lighting, the light should illuminate the entire desktop; using uniform lighting, the illumination of each part should be consistent; maintaining stable lighting, the light source should not be dim or flickering ; Maintain adequate lighting; Finally, be careful not to let the light shine directly on the eyes. We are a professional table lamp manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!