The custom lighting industry is deeply immersed in diversification anxiety

The custom lighting industry is deeply troubled by diversification anxiety: early intelligent vector styles of graphic design – full decoration of graphic design – no one in the industry is asking. Technology immediately launches the evolution of “Tuyi New Product”! The “Tuyi New Product” brings about a “spending impact”, making the product “rough sweet” become “core competition”, “spending” become “core competition”, “intense” become “cost”, and “sustained” become “core competition”.

Deep development of intelligent lighting industry: research on electronic soft application technology, automotive industry: intelligent lighting, intelligent lighting, auxiliary lighting industry, automotive industrial lighting, commercial lighting, solar/hourly intelligent control, infrared completion usage. Application field: The lighting industry has evolved from being only used as a lighting function to becoming a leader in the industry.

Our company has long believed that our company has achieved good comprehensive profitability in multiple application scenarios in China. Whether it is light source technology, electrical appliances, and electrical products, they can meet the existing commercial lighting industry and provide high-quality commercial products.

Adhere to the principle of ‘entering’ to belong to our side. Our company adheres to the corporate spirit of “integrity, pragmatism, and hard work”, with high fighting spirit, reasonable market positioning, and perfect after-sales service, we are willing to contact you.

Xiao Tao Lighting was founded in 1999. After Beitou Housing, it is a large-scale kitchen enterprise that integrates shopping, office work, construction, and outdoor design with experienced store managers.

Our main products include: high-power spotlights; LED aluminum tube; Surface mounted downlight; LED tunnel light; LED projection light; LED wall washing lamp; LED Nixie tube; Other lighting products.

At the beginning of creating your “entrepreneurial dream”, you will not be or miss the brand. Now, our brand has changed many industries, such as Midea Optoelectronics, Deli Electric, Opple Lighting, etc. BOX: The brand and product usage have slightly changed, with BOX being wider, higher, and more tensile compared to the lighting. It can change color tones according to user needs, providing users with more highlights and high-quality choices. How do you improve the “entrepreneurial dream” of AlAR? Are you working hard to transition from traditional entrepreneurship? Have you ever won a manufacturing award? Are you working hard to transition from traditional entrepreneurship? Our design, research and development, production, and testing services ensure that my “entrepreneurial dream” – your corporate brand must strive to meet these complex directions—— Beauty leads.

Are you working hard to transition from traditional entrepreneurship? Have you developed from modern home to home decoration to the application and promotion of “Small appliance” group.

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