What are the adjustments in the hospitality lighting industry?

What are the adjustments in the hospitality lighting industry? How to choose the hospitality lighting control system for drinking and ordering? Please refer to the following steps for lighting zoning prompts for beverage factories, hotel guests’ rest and reception, and more.

What types of hospitality lighting are there? Based on the current split type of guest rooms, what are the needs of future guests, selected according to the hotel’s functions, positioned according to the hotel’s style, or named according to the hotel’s name? The following is the classification and overall layout process of alcoholic beverages: The guest lounge area can generally be divided into restaurants, corridors, guest dining rooms, meeting rooms, restrooms, dining/corridors, bedrooms, kitchens, study rooms, restaurants, study rooms, room sizes, and rooms. But this is also the most functional indoor lighting tool in the alcoholic family. It can be used for general lighting, local lighting, decorative lighting, or home local lighting. Generally, the lighting on the desktop is only illuminated.

The energy efficiency level of a hotel is determined by the actual situation and the hotel’s functions. If the hotel is only a larger room and a larger room (when requested by the hotel), a small study can be set up, which indicates that the hotel needs the owner’s name. The hotel’s name is set on the dining table using the best pen cards. As the form and needs of the hotel continue to change, this new customized hotel will present a better state. So, how to choose a hotel to customize room lighting fixtures? Firstly, in terms of light efficiency and brightness selection, we need to comprehensively consider energy conservation and color temperature selection, which is similar to the requirements of general lighting fixtures. Secondly, the selection of hospitality lighting fixtures is also based on the shape of the room, the purpose of the lighting fixtures, and the size.

When choosing hospitality lighting fixtures, we often lack knowledge of “lighting efficiency and color temperature” because we do not know the experience of using lighting fixtures, and many of them lack a series of similarities with ordinary lighting fixtures. Therefore, when choosing hospitality lighting fixtures, we often do not have specific lighting instructions, let alone know the type of lighting fixtures and the naming of lamp sizes.

Customization of hospitality lighting fixtures requires full consideration of the functionality and humanization requirements of each area, which is closely related to our daily lives. Therefore, when choosing hospitality lighting fixtures, we need to separate the installation and cannot be limited to budget settings due to these basic functions. Firstly, the selection of custom lighting fixtures for hotels is also an issue that customers attach great importance to in terms of appearance. Firstly.

Before entering the hospitality lighting design in the early stage, due to some accidental communication and slight inquiries among the designers during the design process, it will be discovered that the hospitality lighting is a gap, and there are significant differences between the design plans of custom lighting manufacturers and the design plans. These hotel engineering lighting fixtures are actually interdependent, so we can only take the hotel as an example to carry out multiple coordination plans.

The correct design is the foundation of lighting design science, positioning according to different spaces, occasions, and factory lighting to outline the “cave wall · light+·”.

What is the lighting of the hotel’s exterior walls? The main reason for the hotel’s exterior wall lighting is to make the space look more cozy through lighting, which also attracts customers. That is the basic process of the hotel’s exterior wall lighting design.

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