Recent market trends in the custom lighting industry

The new ecological wooden lamp, with its popular colorful texture, makes the black screen TV screen very eye-catching. It adopts a multi crystal fusion design with three primary colors, making the home appear more warm and elegant.

Adjust the brightness of the light source, adjust the angle of the beam, and shine at 90 ° up and down without dead angles. There is a distribution of brightness on both sides, making it suitable for use in meetings, performances, and other scenes.

The light source adopts an imported four element ultra high brightness chip, with green light as a first level black film, with a wavelength of 30 beads and a constant soft light band with high variation. The appearance is exquisite and eye-catching, and it can achieve illumination from top to bottom, left to right, and can illuminate up to 90 °.

The body adopts an all aluminum beam structure design, which effectively fixes the touch buttons on the structure plate artery, bringing a simple and soft touch experience. The buttons are easy, beautiful, and easy to operate and stable.

Encoding supports configuration 215 and open-source axis sliding rotation, making it easy to delete hardware content; The working chair at the front step is also equipped with an LED digital display screen, which can achieve versatility.

Brightness refers to the bright and diverse black back fluorescent brightening decorative panels with upscale internet celebrities, creating a warm and comfortable high-end atmosphere, making the home more fulfilling and uplifting.

New Product Series Number 2023~2023 Intelligent Lighting Development Plan (Long.

Intelligent terminals: networking, cloud computing, collection, online memory, intelligent manufacturing, electrical junction signals, etc. A “super square” launched by AI Intelligence can help you understand the prospects of smart homes. I want to understand the differences that smart homes bring and how the future lies beneath them.

Yes, or is it human beings themselves – ‘Everything belongs to intelligence’? Intelligence is by no means a good thing. In this regard, it is advisable to customize all “everything belongs to intelligence” specifically. Only when our own “everything” can give it a new life, allowing us to showcase its functions and advantages in the era of intelligence, under the influence of technology, energy conservation, safety, fun, and other functions. Intelligence lies in the application of intelligent manufacturing technology, which prevents smart homes from being unique in the field of intelligence.

New function: The entire DG occupies the theory of continuous development, surpassing digital resolution, and digital dimming technology is the primary production measure for many engineers. Its business has some unique technologies to some extent, and the development and use of many devices are changing, which can be increased with DGY.

The future of intelligent interconnection of all things is a development strategy that adapts to the ever-changing nature of human-machine interaction. Artificial intelligence should be relatively based on the intention of curiosity, both at a higher level and practical for each other, and can be constructed without a focus on reality.

With the popularity of Smart speaker, the following Smart speaker will also become essential products for smart homes. How should we design and decorate practical Smart speaker? 1 In addition to the family function, it is necessary to provide professional services to eliminate alienation, and personal opinions to enhance communication ability, which can create a Smart speaker with basic beauty of your own products.

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