Reflections on Pursuing Different Positions in the Custom Lighting Industry

The Custom Lighting Industry Pursues Different Positions: Brand Dingji’s “Positive Lighting” – Infinite Love Xidun Love Xidun Ming Haoyuan Foshan Lighting has a complete industry wide lighting fixture and precision control system. Currently, the company has formed an 8-line standard system for outdoor lighting and provides all supplies, including road lighting, courtyard lighting, landscape lighting, stage lighting, bar lighting, building lighting, outdoor lighting A variety of series, including stage lighting, handicraft lighting, solar lights, spotlights, etc., can trade with well-known domestic and foreign hotels such as Hong Kong, Macau, Borneo, Lanting Hotel, and other well-known domestic and foreign companies in China, whether it is exhibition stores, jewelry, supermarket services, hotels, catering, hotels, buildings, specialty stores, museums, exhibition displays, etc.

Our partners who work together in the same boat will, in the future, implement the firm concept of competitive forces from all over the country with even greater passion and the same passion as Yingfei to the world.

Beyond the definition of each lamp, in a broad sense, breaking through the existing bare metal mode of point light sources, allowing “floating” integration, simultaneous single lamp weight, and “branch” to bring “floating” integration, as well as “floating” integration, not only the appearance texture of the lamp, but also the luxury of the lamp set.

Lighting has gone from incandescent lamps and fluorescent lamps to LED tubes and fluorescent lamps, and the variety of lighting products is also increasing. Since 2018, we have witnessed the significance of sunshine in social freedom and progress together.

We see high-end products composed of tens of thousands of digital homes, with brands from both domestic and international sources. Multiple users of different brands are based on different countries, but the biggest differences lie in several aspects.

This product has a very high inheritance in Hubei and Hunan, and can be said to be very reliable. Moreover, its appearance and structure are very exquisite, and its scaling probability is very high. By the time it starts showcasing a wide range of high-end channels.

Originating in 1995, Simini Lighting was one of the pioneers in combining Germany’s advanced management system with leading lighting product design and development. We specialize in professional lighting and architecture. Shimini believes that lighting should be people-oriented. Luminaires should not only pursue pure light efficiency and brightness, but also consider the comfort and visual experience of light. Adhering to the concept of “creating my natural light”, Simini is committed to researching and manufacturing lighting equipment with a sense of light closer to natural light, providing intelligent lighting solutions, creating a humanized lighting environment, and conveying healthy and natural lighting concepts to the world.

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