Restaurant Chandelier

Restaurant Chandeliers

Restaurant chandeliers need to be bright, but avoid choosing lamps with a low color temperature. Only cool-colored lighting can make the originally not spacious space look refreshing and transparent. You can choose some lamps with high color rendering above the dining table. Note that the lampshades should be arranged above the dining table facing down, so as to make your sumptuous food more attractive.

It is best to use warm colors in the choice of lighting for restaurant chandeliers. From a psychological point of view, warm colors can stimulate appetite, and dining under warm-colored lighting will also appear more romantic and sensual. Whether it is appearance or light effect, the lights in the dining area should be tiled and directed.

While candlelight dinners are unique, families can get very frustrated if they sit at a dimly lit table. The lighting in the restaurant area still requires “bright and dignified”. The restaurant chandelier should not be set too low, almost hanging on the table, bowl, cup, plate. This one-sided imitation of the effect of alternative restaurants will only make you pay the price of losing the joy of life.

The restaurant chandelier chooses a style with a lampshade, which can block the direct light source. The chandelier or the upper part of the dining table can be equipped with spotlights to create an environment and enhance the artistic effect. We are a professional restaurant chandelier manufacturer in China, please feel free to contact us!