Analysis of the Development Path of hospitality lighting Industry

The development path of the hospitality lighting industry is analyzed in detail. The picture album of building intercom systems and lighting control systems bears witness to this high-end future.

The rise of the domestic lighting market starts with the study of illuminance and professional lighting design. This starting point is mainly to determine the relationship between illuminance, color temperature, and color by developing lamps with special optical axes and describing the diameter of the wires, and to avoid collisions and heating up

Space lighting refers to the level of illumination achieved by being fully equipped with other space equipment, referred to as “area” or “area”. If the lighting level of the space is too high, the lighting level cannot reach the allowable level.

Space lighting can use colored lighting to enhance the color and texture of jewelry products. If the color temperature between jewelry products is too high, it indicates that the third illuminance value of jewelry products and handicrafts reaches several thousand 855, so be particularly cautious when choosing

Pay attention to the spacing of glass tracks. A larger display can be seen in the exhibition hall around 20m, utilizing colorful and rich colors that are suitable for displaying space. At the same time, the spacing of glass tracks can also expand the visual direction, making the display content clearer.

In addition, the spacing between glass tracks is also twice that of the one directly above. In addition to displaying flat and three-dimensional displays, the distance between lamps such as telescopic lights and spotlights should also be doubled.

In addition to general lighting, the surface edge of jewelry should also be doubled. When choosing jewelry and antique jewelry, in addition to focusing on materials and accepting any quality, there is also a more compact jewelry choice that will become a key consideration. So when it comes to choosing materials for jewelry and handling jewelry angles, it is possible to balance the construction of each space.

While utilizing materials or decorations, use combinations of different colors and light colors to showcase our favorite decorative works. Roughness and texture focus on showcasing the straightness of the space, bringing more layering and three-dimensional effects to the space. Through strong lighting, the creative design of dance music and gold flipping technology provides a better visual experience for everyone.

For example, “Illuminate Art”, set up a “embedded” shape on the left side of the staircase. Installing “embedded” lighting fixtures on the ground is like arranging “stone” shaped fixtures on the left side of a staircase. This not only illuminates single, double, and triple points, but also allows for the setting of “embedded” shapes. After adding a “inlay” shape on the continuous wall surface of the front wall on the second floor, and adding a “inlay” shape on the ground of the fourth floor, the spacing between the continuous wall surfaces of the upper and lower eaves on the third floor should not be an abnormal environment in the stairwell part of the fourth floor. This design not only effectively enhances the viewing effect, but also provides a better panoramic view from the second floor

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