bespoke lighting factory with the best technology

The most technologically advanced индивидуальное освещение factory lamp is its basic structure, and any cylinder will be connected to it in the future.

bespoke lighting requires various warehouse lights, but not everything can use it. Its advantage lies in the ability to create a good lighting range using a very good warehouse, with the size of light and the transmission of heat energy.

As is well known, it is better to display colors of lighting for foreign space processing addresses. Choosing a reliable light for lighting is more appropriate. Which type of lighting is better is unclear to you, but it is more effective and eye-catching lighting. In addition to selecting the correct lighting and designing with the correct lighting.

As is well known, the price of projection lights is inexperienced when choosing Ohm Company, but you can avoid choosing expensive projection lights. The prices of these projection lights are not common, and there are no issues with quality and brightness. You can choose the best high hardness projection lights to meet your needs according to your own needs. There are a wide variety of projection lights, and you can choose from functions, costs, color combinations, shapes, styles, performance, and more.

The projection of the projector can create a perfect projection environment based on the required brightness and screen of the projector. The studio is equivalent to a visual studio and scenery studio, creating a first-class stage and activity space for you. In order to create a perfect Stage lighting projection, the projection of Chongqing Dianju Hall is suitable for the projection of the studio and auditorium. The studio can choose floor lamp and walking audience correction, and the studio can choose customized face light, ear light and side ear projection.

The projection of the studio can be customized according to different camera types and different images. The projection of Chongqing Electric Moment Hall is suitable for the projection of the studio and audience, and the studio can be selected. The studio can choose the studio and Stage lighting equipment system to customize different pictures. The studio can choose: 1. Select industry standard rules for studio scenery and projection characteristics. 2. Studio qualifications require that studio personnel can accept final intervention. 3. Priority given to the recognition of studio qualifications. 4. The qualification certificate for the studio specifies the indicator values for the studio. Upstream main housing studio recording room managers, CEOs, news influencers, and responsible persons. 5. The studio for multi image recording and the overall studio for visualized replay rooms are required to be no less than 300×300, and the setting of the studio is required to be no less than twice that of the lumen studio. The studio is able to classify materials and divide them into approximately 50% of the studios. Generally, the studios used have a certain number of studios in total. There are mainly no more than 300 studios, and two or more studios should be classified according to their needs. Generally, high-power LED conference lights of 200W, low color temperature LED conference lights, and 80wLE commonly used LED conference lights in studios are used. LED multifunctional display screens can be used for entertainment, teaching building equipment, television station equipment, as well as musical and educational systems.

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