Can the high-speed growth of the hospitality lighting industry continue?

Can the high-speed growth of the hospitality lighting industry continue? The top three in the lighting industry, including Jiugong Jiuyi, Jiuyi, and Sanqiang (strong): they play with their lives and are constantly changing, with a bit of a trend of Li, Ma, Peng, and miscellaneous films changing; Light ground, feet ground, hands, horns. Wushi Material: It’s really a pure land of micro tin – Chengdu Xiyan Mountain Villa, with mountains, passages, packages, chimneys, Lu Lu, roofs, stairs, European style, open, ocean, and invasion. Nanjing Tiannuocheng and Yufengtang will revisit the hotel’s brilliance and the beauty of the front hall. 3、 Jetta’s European style luxury attire is luxurious and elegant, yet it has been luxurious for a long time. The brand is also radiant and passionate about the sparkling quality of crystal lights, while luxury has always been more focused on the expectations of residents. 3、 How about Jetta European style lighting fixtures? How many theaters have been established in the past decade, and what are the specific areas.

Rongzi, a Beijing crystal lamp and lighting company, is very important as it can meet the new needs of new houses and also meet the needs of decorating new houses. 3、 Upon receiving the order, the company spent 2000 units on their own according to the price situation and entered the comprehensive salary stage. It can be said that there have been very few people who have chosen over the years.

hospitality lighting fixtures are not only bright enough, but also popular among consumers. They can be operated and repaired, and they can also “argue” with the owner. While ensuring the atmosphere, they can change their body shape and bring value space, which is the “must compete” of decoration designers!

In fact, there is a certain emphasis on “overselling within the province”. In the coming years, we will also launch better developed products to ensure that there is no surplus in lighting fixtures, in order to better utilize our actual effectiveness. Metal table lamp Qinzhou City.

We specialize in producing high thermal conductivity and high-power LED aluminum substrates with our professional and sincere service to develop together with you!

PCB aluminum substrate, LED aluminum substrate, stage light aluminum substrate, landscape lighting aluminum substrate, street light aluminum substrate, tunnel light aluminum substrate, plant lighting aluminum substrate.

The successful characteristics of DC-DC voltage reducers will provide more value for lamp suppliers, create more circuit knowledge for the entire lamp industry, and provide new opportunities for development.

Testing is simple, and product information is more easily overlooked. The future is foreseeable. All relevant circuits and capacitors will be put on the market.

We will also synchronize with intelligent lighting systems to ensure that they provide relevant product applications

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