Crystal Floor Lamp

Хрустальные напольные лампы

The design range of the crystal floor lamp is actually very large. At present, the more common ones on the market are the crystal bead curtain shades, or the combination of metal mesh and crystal ball as the shade of the floor lamp.Today’s crystal processing level can make crystal accessories of various shapes, from the simplest crystal pendant to spherical crystal lampshade; or crystal accessories of special shapes, such as butterfly-shaped crystal pendants, can be produced.

The production of this kind of crystal net is not difficult, but it is labor-intensive. Some crystal floor lamps put the crystal hooks in the crystal when they leave the factory, and ship them directly to customers, which actually saves the labor cost of producing the lampshade. When consumers buy crystal floor lamps, they can also confirm with the merchants to avoid disappointment when they receive the goods.

The combination of crystal pendant and chrome metal mesh makes the style more romantic, and the combination of crystal pendant and black adds a retro effect. In terms of color, there are also common choices such as gold, rose gold, and bronze. We are a professional crystal floor lamp manufacturer in China, feel free to contact us!