custom lighting industry enters a new golden age

The индивидуальное освещение industry has entered a new golden age. Smart home products such as smart switches and backlights are noticeably harmonious with the industry format. How to manage smart single item switch solutions? The safe popularization of indoor lighting switch for smart home control is accompanied by the convenience of intelligent life, such as intelligent lighting control, dual function of background light source lighting, and lighting assistance for sleep. But when pursuing intelligence.

A brief description of the functions beyond lighting requires a clear concept – perfection. By using the INRD of Baidu’s complete website to deeply integrate these areas and understand the content that homeowners need, you can better plan your residence.

In addition to the above functions, the lighting control does not need to be changed. Use Baidu Jitong and the one-to-one mode of each major module to understand what the owners need, so that their houses can achieve additional functional zoning and zoning, so that the lighting fixtures can improve an efficient convenience and scene control.

On the back wall of each building, there is a promotional poster for “LeEco Landscape Residence”, which includes elements such as bay windows and small louvered bookcases. The walls covered by these stickers are usually dominated by bucket images.

The determination of illuminance dynamics and the distribution of light strips can reflect the visual perception of the designer, providing a unified lighting experience for the space. Therefore, it is necessary to coordinate with the height of the room, rather than the “three scales”.

The light strips between floors and inside cabinets must have additional lighting fixtures or provide additional lighting to the room.

Selection of lighting fixtures in the living room area. Don’t just focus on lighting fixtures and spotlights, ignoring the choice of light sources. Of course, choosing lamps that are too focused and have strong brightness can create visual discomfort, which can be said to be a brain ordered strategy.

The bedroom needs to have no main lights. For the Functional requirement of the completed house, you may choose to use the ceiling lamp with low brightness to make it more spacious. Due to its flexible lighting and shadow effects, the bedroom is more agile, and a small light also creates a sense of technology for the space.

Key lighting refers to corridors, corridors, fire double ends, stairwells, etc. in the workplace or office corridor. Due to the need for linear lighting to have a certain lighting effect, it focuses more on regional lighting. The design of the appearance and material of carpet style wall lamps or floor lamps can bring better light distribution.

Of course, if there is a slight change in the overall sleep quality, it is advisable to choose regular LED ceiling lights, which not only make the room spacious but also make the space very lively.

According to the brightness at the corresponding time, the change in the corresponding dimmer can reach 90 degrees, and the evenly illuminated space is still 10 times more beautiful than moonlight.

● The elaborately manufactured intelligent Photosystem will also improve the work efficiency, improve the use efficiency of LED ceiling lights, effectively reduce consumption, and save us money.

In fact, as long as we have sufficient experience and professional ability, we believe that all problems can be cured with zero defects.

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