How can custom lighting sales capture customers?

How can индивидуальное освещение sales capture customers? With the growth and popularization of rigid building LEDs, traditional wire and cable boards are gradually being driven by traditional inductors. Coming soon, let’s learn how to change the model of smart switch sockets with LED. Compared with traditional switch sockets, intelligent home light solutions are not limited.

Do you have a simple method to transform smart switch sockets into lively ones that can be easily touched by reaching out through an iron plate network. Integrated ceiling equipment and switches, as well as intelligent system software. You can now connect wirelessly by hand. As soon as the switch is found, it is fully charged. Use the panel cover to cover the upper board, and finally open their switch cards to hold them in hand. Low cost, easy to clean, and tedious to clean. The intelligent switch is also easy to install, eliminating the hassle of traditional switch sockets.

If you find it difficult to switch sockets, you can use them! The circuit modification is very simple and saves a lot of trouble. Just press the position of the wiring port properly. Do not connect the wiring port.

What do you think of smart home switches? 1. Do you know how the switches for home living room lighting are separated from regular lights and ceiling lights? No, you know these two are definitely done. 1. You know the characteristics of ordinary lighting fixtures: just turn the switch.

With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are starting to have a family life. In order to meet the needs of users, household appliances are designed by a ceiling lamp, using various forms such as cushions and balcony scenery, and decorated with suspended ceilings to decorate their lives. Below, the editor will introduce two common types of ceiling lights: Bogu ceiling light B.

How to choose lighting fixtures for the living room: First of all, traditional ceiling lights are the cheapest choice, so it is important to choose a large brand and what is the quality. Starting from the white light.

Traditional spotlights use a variety of styles. Both spotlights are installed in the ceiling, and almost all can be installed. However, their features are diverse, and we differentiate them from the price of 26m when choosing them. Modern spotlights have a particularly good effect, even if you only look at them.

U-shaped lights are LED lights that are now used to fix them on buildings, but many people still know how to use LED lights.

The entire industry chain formed by the tight scale of the North American LED lighting market. LED, known as the fourth generation lighting source or green light source, has the characteristics of small size, environmental protection, pollution-free, fast response, long service life, and low energy consumption. It can be widely used in various fields such as indication, display, decoration, backlight, general lighting, and urban night scenery. The number of outdoor lighting in North America is 230.

Previous news: The LED lighting industry is gradually entering a mature period, with voltage decreasing – more and more blue ocean news from the market is releasing LED lighting fixtures.

With the continuous improvement of LED lighting efficiency, it is gradually discovered that traditional fluorescent lights have been replaced by LED lights. Instead, there are LED panel lights and LED replacement lights.

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