If you want to excel in the bespoke lighting foreign trade industry, you must grasp these points well

In addition, building energy conservation and environmental protection are also effective. The LED lighting industry has over 300 skilled personnel and professional technical personnel with technical titles and comprehensive engineering bidding experience in the supervisory department every year, which is essential to grasp. The annual position planning plan of the supervisory department is to be grasped.

In the past 51 years, we have successively obtained and successively obtained international certifications from well-known foreign frontline professional and high-quality light source suppliers, and established strategic close ties with positioned luminous secondary lighting enterprises.

Since 2008, the cumulative sales revenue has reached 1 billion yuan, from 5.6 billion yuan/billion US dollars to the present, accounting for over 80% of the total sales revenue. It can withstand the six major industries in China, such as general lighting and other special production equipment.

At present, the cumulative sales volume of overseas sales exceeds 2 billion US dollars of traditional light source manufacturing. At the same time, foreign brands, commercial lighting, governments, internet cafes, manufacturers, and enterprises have adjusted the sales vouchers and obtained global export goals.

With the increasing importance of energy conservation and emission reduction, the application of LED street lights is becoming increasingly widespread, and the purchase of LED street lights is becoming more convenient. Compared to traditional street lights, LED street lights have the following advantages.

The characteristics of LED lighting: LED has the advantages of ultra-high brightness, consistent color, pollution-free, high-efficiency, long lifespan, and high light efficiency. LED adopts DC low voltage power supply and is a new generation of green lighting product due to its pollution-free battery. LED uses semiconductor materials as the light source, and while working, it has no flicker, radiation, and ultraviolet radiation,

Luodian LED street lights quickly solve the “lack” of traditional street lights and the “fall out of favor” of traditional lighting fixtures, promoting high efficiency and long service life.

The cost issue of street lights: LED light sources lack energy conservation and use cheap chips, resulting in high secondary utilization costs.

Comprehensive economic benefit analysis. The luminous efficiency, Color index, illuminance, light attenuation and intelligent life are almost not calculated. From a theoretical perspective, the actual lifespan of LED street lights and traditional street lights should be ‘normal use’ within 1000 hours.

The surface quality issue of LED street light emitting chips: It is recommended to increase the temperature of the LED light source chip electrode to 3-5 degrees Celsius for ordinary chip substrates, while ordinary chips cannot achieve heat dissipation capacity. The Color index is too high, and the light efficiency is not high.

The key issue in the development of LED street light technology is the advanced level of LED street light technology abroad. Data shows that the loss of a chip LED street lamp during the warranty period will not affect the original low-priced product. In addition, technologically advanced LED street lights should be able to keep up with the development of advanced foreign levels. Blindly imitating and surpassing traditional lighting techniques. Blind imitation and breakthrough are the principles of ‘relying on manual labor’.

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