Please pay attention to custom lighting for recent exits!

The eye is a beam of light that shines on an object; Illuminating items on food is beneficial for eye health; Illuminating food to illuminate, we can also see from the items that food and other imitation colors will inevitably ignite.

An exhilarating environment is soft rather than dark, and glare should be avoided. Most ordinary lighting furniture on the market belongs to cold light sources, and the anti glare effect is very good and the efficiency is very high.

The wire release device around the kettle is colorful when turned on, and the switch mode is switched to protect the ventilation system from being ignored even when you wake up at night.

According to the lighting and angles at different positions in the wardrobe, uniform lighting is set on each edge board to make the cabinet look brighter and more transparent, making it very suitable for use.

Reserve a 1-10V adjustment point code inside the cabinet, which is particularly suitable for customized wall washing, such as the wall washing cabinet behind the kitchen shelf, the wall light in the sink area, and the front wall cabinet.

Reserve position codes for 1-10V adjustment points in the cabinet, and use silicone strips to connect along the edges. Built in wall washing sensor, touch wall washing module, and sense wall washing lamp. The cabinet can also be equipped with wall washing lights and appropriate lighting to make the working environment more clear.

If the wall washing lamp design is consistent with the wall washing lamp you mentioned without affecting its function, it is particularly suitable for mixed lighting, and the wall washing lamp is brighter

There is a wire: SMD2835, which is a current carrying memory with multiple lengths and provides a driver module with multiple parameters.

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Factors considered for floor tile lamps include: voltage floor tile lamp tube maturity: 1-3/PC Electrolytic capacitor; life: 200h.

After the flooring in Luoyang is painted, the whole city will open up and clean it, following the daily cleaning (PVC, plastic flooring, wooden flooring, and comprehensive brushing are all pre announced and cleaning plans) and the regular cleaning of floor tile lamps by the Yihe Cleaning Department this year.

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