Reflections on Pursuing Different Positions in the hospitality lighting Industry

LED lighting is the foundation for the integration of intelligence and art. By combining the composite insights of intelligent lighting and decoration, as well as optoelectronics and integration, we aim to create an underground commercial and aesthetically pleasing urban night scene image with one or two wheeled vehicles.

With the continuous development of technology, our living standards are also constantly improving, and the requirements for lighting are also increasing. For us who are postmodern, artistic, environmentally friendly, and sustainable, lighting design is particularly important. It is created from intelligent urban lighting, decoration, and lighting fixtures, and its implementation process is also combined with the lighting environment and building environment.

The first consideration is openness and sustainability. To ensure that lighting practices are always in line with people’s understanding of life, hygiene, and daily life experiences, it is necessary to create an environment that coexists with the environment only when daily life changes and applications are closed. This not only coordinates with creating home decoration and landscape atmosphere, but also highlights the impact of lighting on “home” decoration and lighting, The reproducibility of non ordinary home decoration is also conducive to the creation of future home environments and lighting environments.

Lighting design does not use a single lamp to illuminate, only natural light, artificial light, and color light. The design of the living room lighting environment was initially only suitable for using dimmable lighting with different types. This bright light design hides both the residence and home inside, ensuring unobstructed indoor light and creating a tranquil and minimalist atmosphere. The lighting environment of the bedroom is adjusted to blend the indoor light with the previous space, and the point light sources of the living room and bedroom are directly hidden in the ceiling, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Finally, only the air inside the home can withstand it, can lighting give people a relaxed, peaceful, and relaxed visual and activity feeling.

The design of the living room lighting environment should be in line with the specific characteristics of privacy. The lighting is usually enhanced to “bright” from east to west and from east to right, and lighting design is also the trend of design. Decorations are generally seen as “facing”, illuminating the characteristics of the space, such as the white tone of ochre; Compared to brown lighting, it can more highlight the spatial mood of the living room, and be supplemented with decorative elements to increase the warmth of the living room.

Lighting fixtures that illuminate the corners of a space can create warmth, fusion, and reinforcement, allowing visual elements to perfectly integrate into the space and enhancing the quality of home life.

The neural mode that facilitates human intervention in the exercise of light, compared to general light sources, Lip deformation has a more obvious advantage in terms of brightness and focal length.

Using light and dark to connect with the sense of adaptation or color tone changes to perceive spatial changes in the form and psychology. While providing a sense of softness, it can also evoke a sense of lifestyle.

The appearance of wall lamps in the same living room adopts irregular rhythms, showcasing a tough and asymmetrical space. The overall design is simple and unified, without the need for suspended ceilings, ceiling lights, or even outdoor lighting effects, bringing a dynamic and atmospheric visual effect to the interior.

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