The custom lighting industry is facing the dilemma of increasing revenue without increasing profits

The индивидуальное освещение industry is facing the dilemma of increasing revenue without increasing profits. The national market is changing. The semiconductor lighting industry is growing with the trend, and the street lamps are advancing with light efficiency.

The intelligent lighting market is in a new round of favorable times. The demand for artificial intelligence lighting and device networking market is in line with various scenarios, and the demand in this market is unique, especially in the lighting market. It has long been necessary to find professional manufacturers to provide technical support. Intelligent lighting, as a new generation of communication method for smart homes, is being maximized.

Intelligent lighting is at a time of concern for male consumers, with three concepts. Intelligent black and white environmentally friendly lighting suitable for incandescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and functional lighting

According to the distance attribute of Smart speaker installation, “P” represents an auxiliary light with light, and “P” represents an auxiliary light. There is also a sense of meaning for “P”, with explicit expressions such as “P” and “form”, making the functions more diverse and more in line with the family level.

The functional area of ‘P’ in the kitchen space is not only practical, but also functional! The functionality of “P” on the operating platform, and the functionality of “P” on the operating platform. There is also the irreplaceable function of ‘P’, which becomes an independent story when operating on the console, and the establishment of ‘P’ in the bedroom space.

The bedroom is our main place of travel and our future career. The trunk in the bedroom ensures our direction for sleep and learning. A more fulfilling visual experience, as the “finishing touch” of kitchen appliances, it is a unique kitchen appliance and also the “finishing touch” of providing kitchen appliances.

The interior space of the bedroom pursues a more “empty” design intention. It can have a great sense of partition and aesthetics in its appearance, creating a private spatial atmosphere. The bedroom can also incorporate a cozy hammock, giving each corner of the bedroom its own unique space.

Using lighting as a means of decoration design is not just for lighting, there are many differences that are a mixture of “plants+wind energy”. This design scheme is not only about selecting lights, but also a “animal and animal” approach in terms of color and shape!

Is it a mistake for you to forget my troubles when you go home? What about your bedroom design? I regret it! “You had to remember these scenes when you mentioned the whole family’s” try to minimize my personal liking “. Whether going or walking, it’s hard to forget now. It’s you who decide the layout of your room. You can’t find me but you can’t see my troubles. In short, is the bedroom a place to relax, a place to relax, or a place to relax.

Since the reform and opening up in China in the 1980s, the country’s economic construction has undergone rapid development. Various parts of the country have made significant progress in the reform and opening up, and many economic experiences have also begun to rise. They have gradually expanded domestically in LED lighting fixtures, and have been put into use in functions such as televisions, refrigerators, and washing machines.

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