The hospitality lighting industry saw year-on-year and month on month average growth

The hospitality lighting industry has seen significant year-on-year and month on month growth, with immediate promotion prices. The food market is still approaching as usual, and catering lighting enterprises have already entered.

The lobby of Longye Jiangshan B Shangqiu Chengzhou Xibai Hotel is meticulously crafted by the Lei Yun design team, creating a unique hotel style with exquisite, low profit, and simple design style.

The company adopts a minimalist design style, with pure colors and rich LED light strips to bring a natural and comfortable feeling to the space.

In order to create a five-star hotel, we base ourselves on a five-star hotel and uphold its high-quality style.

High end: With an elegant and atmospheric environment, people can feel a different warmth, rich in changes between.

Hotel Field: More Services>>Modern minimalist style, sunny curtains, and not stained with sweet water, you can feel the charm of golden gradient.

The hospitality lighting design looks so harmonious, making people feel relaxed and comfortable. The design of the connection between the two is also different from the overall dining room. The elegant geometry showcases the indoor spatial layout in a three-dimensional manner, creating a relaxed, warm, and relaxed atmosphere.

Guest restaurant: The overall design adopts a narrow linear suspended ceiling, with simple and high-end glass. The soft decoration combines with the texture of the wall, and the small glass enclosure is used for decoration, which is rich and beautiful. The solid wood dining table top and lighting fixtures are integrated to create a simple and elegant home atmosphere without losing precision.

The lighting design of the restaurant looks so casual, with every inch of light carefully designed. The chandeliers, down lights, and lampshades are evenly dimmable, making it the most comfortable layout.

The actual effect of the above decoration should first avoid areas with prominent light and dark sensations, and then pay attention to them. If the light source inside the wall is too monotonous, you can use down lights, spotlights, etc. to increase brightness, making the restaurant more soft and overall.

To avoid excessive shadows, it is recommended to remove the frame. As long as the embedded light is used for lifting, it will not create a sense of oppression

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