This is the bespoke lighting you really need

Is this the индивидуальное освещение you really need? For the insulters of the lighting industry, they do not have their own design language, but only want to serve this “fog” well. In fact, this is the bespoke lighting design scheme they want.

The texture of wood grain and the penetration of water sound, not seen from the appearance, include their main industry, including the entire lighting industry, as well as other lighting businesses. The customization scope includes the use of materials, manufacturing processes, manufacturing processes, precision instruments, and whether safety precautions are included in the lighting fixtures.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of LED mobile lighting efficiency and the rapid development of LED related businesses, the prices of some cross-border LED lights may sharply decrease. For example, the price of 20W LED portable modules will decrease by 100% from 300 to 450 yuan, increasing the growth rate at the beginning of the year. Therefore, the intentional increase is the ‘Green Water Rock’.

At present, imported LED applications are gradually accelerating the mainstream of “light emitting diodes”. 5529 lamps below 10W can directly replace traditional energy-saving and fluorescent lamps, with energy-saving, environmental protection, color rendering, and reliability. Compared to standard lamps, LED lighting sources have excellent power density due to their thickened heat dissipation area.

In addition, reducing chip damage, thermal resistance, and temperature differences can improve the energy efficiency of LED light efficiency. Furthermore, adopting a “energy-saving” multi energy policy to promote LED light sources, creating more sustainable and energy-efficient light sources for the lighting industry.

In recent years, with the strong support and establishment of the environmental protection industry by the country, the solid fuel power generation industry has developed rapidly and its scale has been continuously expanding. The research and application of this electricity generation has been continuously in the field of lighting, providing support for the development of lighting facilities. LED lighting technology is not only applicable to indoor lighting, but also to various indoor lighting. Generally speaking, the design and production of LED lighting systems should follow the following principles.

The lighting control system should adopt an open design, and its biggest feature is that it can effectively meet the requirements of usage functions, not only to meet usage functions, but also to facilitate line layout, such software, functional parameters, and selection.

The lighting control system should use an electronic computer as the lighting control unit, with dedicated control module output signals to provide optimal control to meet various lighting effects and high cost-effectiveness requirements.

The dimming control system should use a DC current control circuit to achieve DC current power supply, in order to maximize and upgrade the selection of lighting fixtures.

The dimming control system should adopt a DC current control circuit, mainly for the type of three-layer structure.

The dimming control system can adopt a constant current and voltage stabilizing circuit, with a certain amount of power designed to use direct current power supply according to the shape of the building, without the need for additional multi-stage PWM manual rectification. The EMC filtering circuit can support PF1 and TTL.

● Time control, intelligent controller of system software, based on the intelligent control technology of the nearby natural Ambient intelligence of the building scale, is configured in the catering and entertainment places with large building scale to achieve unified management and scene sound reinforcement.

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