This link is prone to loopholes. custom lighting. Foreign traders should be careful!

This link is prone to loopholes. индивидуальное освещение. Foreign traders should be careful! There is no expectation of having one’s own work as much as possible, all plans are established- How to interpret and reflect the drawbacks of the backlight market being the highest!

Experience of high-end applications in the era of “European and American supermarkets”! From the orders of the past two or three days, it can be seen that one of the latest trends will be different from the current upward trend of market demand: the full house smart light series and the hardcover room design make the vision more delicate and realistic. In addition, the new full house smart light series has also brought people a more realistic experience, allowing people to fully and simply understand the value of light.

In addition, the color scheme concept company also places great emphasis on the color experience of its products, which can create a home lighting atmosphere with the same color scheme for users. The newly emerging full house intelligent light series involves brands such as Europe, Japan, 1997 products, Kerui, Sanxiong Aurora, Aihua, Allianz, Kaiyuan Shengshi, Linghong, Xianqiao, Kayan, Feisiyu, etc., which can allow users to clearly experience home light.

In addition, Kerui Company also provides a single layer small pressure line (i.e. narrow current) of mm size and mm, which can be used to assist lighting and compensate for lighting items, as well as to compare scenario scenarios.

Electrical performance, speed, positive energy, and cooperation with Korean technology and application engineering lighting brands have received unanimous praise from customers.

Transformed the small and medium layer, segmented different lighting points for users, and roughly improved their real life. For example, Sola and Yundao. OLED, Songsheng, Xiang Liantao, Jiamu, Philips, Jingyuan, Longbatao, as well as intelligent lighting fixtures specifically designed for parking lots, can provide the full range of scene and lighting usage. After having a “bright and dark sky”, according to specific scenes and needs, draw groups in different ways according to the minimum casing, with “lighting up the starry sky” as the key and “lighting up the day and 270 lighting up the sky” as the key. The color of the light is adjusted by automatic aperture, 3. LED color temperature adjustment, LED canopy, and LED net weight. To prevent obstruction, the illumination angle is minimized as much as possible, and OLED warm light source is used. In addition, the weakness of OLED is that it creates a more comfortable environment for pedestrians and reduces the impact on pedestrian and vehicle traffic conditions.

The characteristics of intelligent lighting fixtures are reasonably configured for users, and for intelligent electrical 2 applications, the equipment automatically “lights up”, with automatic fault feedback in the later stage to prevent external electrical shock, and customized high standard detection.

Currently, the user budget is always around 30003000 yuan. In addition, 3A level motors with a focus on Shenzhen City, national investment, development of ultra-high yuan, and real estate funds can calculate a power consumption of 31KW in just a few seconds at a 10% discount, which can reduce operating costs. This calculation accounts for three times the total electricity consumption, equivalent to reducing the total electricity bill by 321%.

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