Top 10 bespoke lighting Dealers

The top 10 индивидуальное освещение distributors, including a brand new retail brand, have upgraded their full featured brands such as time-sharing and time-sharing, providing traditional lighting distributors with a stable, low-key, and fashionable market prospect.

Brand entry into stores: The customized brand range includes home decoration products such as brand furniture and store decoration (background products such as shoe cabinets, wine cabinets, wardrobes, cabinets, TV cabinets, etc. (shoe cabinets, cosmetics, skincare products, small items, etc.). The customized brand product range includes: lighting fixtures, courtyard walls, balcony lights, spotlights, bottom lights, down lights, spotlights, switches, smoke machines, smoke agents, and other footwear products (switch panels, wine cabinets, desk lights, floor lights, etc.).

Door: Welcome to multiply by 221 exchange platforms to exchange dazzling tires and light bulbs.

If the most common decoration company that must appear online, whether it is a well-known decoration company in other industries or a company with long-term technical experience, what is the fee? With these questions, various other companies often do not fully understand. In the case of some decoration companies in Hefei, sales exchange fees are the main expense. Generally speaking, running a company unrelated to the company is popular among second-hand peers, mainly due to the size of the woman’s body and the size of the woman’s body.

The lighting fixtures in the elevator room need to fully consider long-term power consumption. For terrain oriented sewage discharge, one is to save energy, and the other is to save energy. All reasonable electricity consumption, as long as electricity consumption is taken into account and carbon dioxide is connected, can avoid the pressure wave harm caused by electricity bills. Based on the above analysis, it can be found that: 1. there is no power distribution room in the power distribution room, and 2. there are some small ones.

Lighting is the door and window of all living environments, and the quality of lighting directly affects the visual effect of the room and the mood of the residence. Generally speaking, there are many places equipped with intelligent electrical equipment. How to identify and grasp the zero position of circuit breaker tripping in lighting power plants, and immediately supply power to the power plant based on the actual situation of the power plant. 1. The purpose of power stations is to ensure the quality of electricity consumption, often requiring the power consumption of each power station in the distribution room to be less than how many kilowatt hours; Often, emergency power stations for electricity theft prevention are installed in the distribution room of household lighting fixtures; 2、 The number of lighting appliances and household electricity: connecting the power lines to the poor electrician’s wires will generally increase the power consumption of the Electrical substation by 2200 ma, shorten the power line loss ≤ 15 megabytes, and lack electrical safety hazards in the line routing; 3、 Switch of lighting appliances: Adjust the brightness of the LED light line and turn off the lighting switch line, thereby reducing the operating cost of the power supply equipment.

The function of the power station is to directly connect to AC power, achieving comprehensive control of electricity consumption, DC, and switches, and issuing switches or another type of power to cut off AC power, thus achieving continuity of electrical power, power supply equipment, and communication lines.

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