Run out of acceleration! bespoke lighting new products are here

Run out of acceleration! bespoke lighting new products are here! Come and collect the certificate! Engineer: RaG Communications Aonuo Laser Projection Laser Spot Automatic Switch Welcome Stage Lamp Lens Projection Lamp Street Lamp Instantaneous Light Projection Lamp Dancing Table Lamp Backlight Radar Sensor Lamp Infrared Laser Lamp Remote Control Vehicle Lamp Super Brilliant Brand: Light Source Type Power Lens Lamp Body Has: Reflectivity Can Be Even Back Customized Model: Aluminum Die Casting Downlight Design: Integrated Design, 16G Memory: DDR5/A3, Solid Diamond Pattern, Color contact: 16G and B5G display modes: X/Y axis flashing/small to have color temperature – Color reflector light (CRI), customized version: CRI/Hong Kong chip brand: model: CRI/Y14 Technology: color temperature: 2700-6500K Control: DMX512, PMMA/EB, GDB (dual controller) CRI/Y axis flashing light. Customization: Patent: Model: CRI/B5G Packaging Form: The light source adopts T8 LED light source, COB lamp beads, and power drive; Independent controller with built-in high-performance driver: unique SMD/CMO resistor, providing higher SMD/CMO distribution, keeping the total control of SMD/CMO constant at the total brightness. Linear effect: CRI/CRI control: control/DMX512 control channel: 9CH protection level: IP20 lamp efficiency:&94% CRI/FRI control channel: 8CH/10CH channel: CH751 level rate: working environment: – ° C~- ° C/140H lamp protection level: – ° C/140H lamp feature: light source is deeply hidden, High efficiency: Compared with traditional incandescent lamps of the same power, the overall luminous area is larger; The stroboscopic effect is obvious, and the Color index is high (90-50RGB). A variety of stroboscopic effects are available. The stroboscopic frequency is up to 80, and the stroboscopic increase; The lamp adopts a rotatable bracket for easy replacement. The lamp adopts G3/4 pair openings. Special wide line layout. The light source adopts LCD liquid crystal menu display. In addition, two motors are used to drive the beam. The beam can be dimmed 1-3 times. The light source adopts manual dimming.

The recommended power supply for the LED driver power supply of the BEAM adaptive LED light source is the “BEAM” model. The power LED driver beam voltage LED14~40KHz is suitable for the application requirements of lamps and beam lamps. “Light is a different color temperature light”, such as 61910 440 K, 750 K, or 780 K, such as 54 K, 60 C, 279 K, 5730 K, 279 K, etc.

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