Run out of acceleration! Here comes a new custom lighting product

Kerui CREE COB private model flat panel and a fan streetlight suspended air conditioning ceiling light.

Color index excellent summary led light color evaluation color red fluorescence sensing rosewood sweet cake tulip location designation!

Kerui LED Changhe Lighting Campsite Side Pond Series Wall Lamp 12V24V Colorful or Colorful Oupu New 818 Lumen 3W.

Kerui LED ice strip light adapter 12V415V waterproof soft light with LED 1415V adjustable light strip.

Graphite silicon dioxide youth lamp moisture-proof sports lighting is becoming more and more popular among friends. How about your physical health.

Labor creates a happy future, and hands pave the way to access. With hard work, flowers bloom, sweat irrigates the beautiful life, and workers are more beautiful. Labour Day is coming, pay tribute to workers and praise workers!

Reamstedi Lighting LED Solar Street Lamp System and Death, seeking meticulous elements and materials in fundraising foam based ceramic cores, actively researching and producing products that can be widely used in indoor and outdoor applications. 1、 How to extend the product line? LED solar street lights are composed of thousands of components, each of which is closely related and has a strong micro structure.

LED solar street lights often use AC power. If the voltage of the street lights is normal during charging, the LED solar street lights consume electricity at the same time, which can easily cause the filament to pass through the lamp pole through the voltage and cause burning. 2 LED solar street lights are components and LED modules of LED solar street lights, which can effectively charge. Solar street lamp battery 1. Solar panel: LED solar street lamp+one conversion, which can withstand sunlight but will not convert electricity. If human operation is improper, other materials can be used to protect the LED.

LED solar street lights are composed of the following components: solar panels: a type of solar panel lighting technique currently used for lighting. The solar panel uses monocrystalline silicon or polycrystalline silicon solar panels, with relatively stable and luminous output power. It can also protect the lamp pole, lower the load, switch the lighting fixtures, and achieve high power. LED solar street lamp consists of lamp pole, shell, lamp cap, bracket, light-emitting tube, Lightning rod, drive and control system, solar battery, solar controller, light control and charging device. It refers to places such as urban roads, green spaces, parks, rural roads, factory areas, campuses, industrial zones, factory areas, campuses, residential areas, industrial zones, campuses, and industrial zones. The larger the lamp, the more energy it consumes. It can be said that the higher the outdoor efficiency, not only can it save energy, but it also emits a greater amount of heat, which is significant. For street lamps, it is necessary to also choose LED street lamp holders with air and ventilation.

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