Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the bespoke lighting industry

Sales are exploding, and a new blue ocean is emerging in the bespoke lighting industry. Is the technology value of the lighting industry broad? To do a good job in customizing the integration of lighting fixtures and poles is an improvement in the lighting field and a rising trend for bespoke lighting enterprises.

With the vigorous development of the industry, the company has been striving to improve and serve people, while providing the same products with stable and reliable quality and good customer experience, providing users with no worries.

The company’s main products include: various LED soft light strips; LED line light; LED wall washing lamp; LED flexible light strip; LED projection light; LED tunnel light; LED street lights; LED underwater light; LED geographical light; How to purchase LED direct supply English desk lamps.

Pinluo provides you with high-quality products and excellent services with the one-on-one production capacity of engineers.

Lighting is the most charming professional lighting technician in a room, with high appearance and length, even and softer light color, high efficiency, and durability.

Nowadays, many people often do not understand the practical application of lighting when decorating their homes, and do not know whether lighting needs to be installed. In fact, there are certain questions. So, what are the general methods of lighting installation? What should be paid attention to when installing lighting fixtures.

Modern minimalist lighting, in simple terms, refers to industrial trends, colorful cigarettes, blazing heat, rigidity, steam engines, civil aviation, civilian markets, transportation, advertising, real estate, and brands. It covers all the top consumer, daily necessities, and even home decoration products that consumers can afford. In fact, from dozens of aspects, the two are not tiring at first.

Modern minimalist lighting: As the name suggests, it refers to the layout of lighting fixtures on the decoration of Hongde, such as grille lights, light strips, chandeliers, LED lights, etc., which can effectively create an atmosphere for decoration exhibitions. There are many styles of modern minimalist lighting, each with its own characteristics. In order to ensure their functional attributes, more attention is paid to the layout of lighting fixtures, and preparations are made for basic lighting functions.

Cabo light box is a multifunctional light box commonly used in spaces that require shape changes, playing a good decorative and fragrance enhancing role. Cabo light box adds wings to small weavers like cows and tigers, and adds wings to small weavers like cows and tigers. At the same time, there is also great space for the Cabo lightbox to be utilized, allowing the small editor to be as big as a tiger and add wings. In this occasion, it can have better flexibility and maximum space to play. The cardboard lightbox is rich in color and brightens up with different bright colors. LED cardboard lightboxes add the charm of the big and the three to the entire space with clever colors, making up for the shortcomings of ordinary cardboard lightboxes. At the same time, it does not add wings to the small fabric lightbox as the space increases. When the small fabric lightbox is as big as a silkworm, it can be the most crucial part of the cardboard lightbox.

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