Several Lessons from bespoke lighting Industry Issues

Several lessons from bespoke lighting industry issues! Jin Ruiqi announced the possibility of achieving home health, energy conservation, and environmental protection based on artificial lighting products.

Intelligent lighting products can be cloud computing and combined with sensors, combined with building intelligent total prediction technology, and based on online technology of the Internet of Things, to achieve long-distance linear integrated lighting control+data statistics/and voice memory technology solutions. “It is recognized as” the most outstanding in recent years, intelligent lighting products highlight the lighting value, rather than the feedback of technical solutions for current upgrades. “According to experts in the project, lighting designers are, Provide users with high-quality interior design solutions to achieve real-time dynamic, accurate, and user-friendly lighting regulation changes.

The introduction of bespoke lighting solutions this time means that Zhitu can enrich people’s lives, visual, auditory, emotional, and visual experiences, so that users can learn and obtain certain practical significance, and achieve all solutions of lighting segmentation and intelligence. “The designer explained.

Compared with the newly adapted lighting system, this scheme can accurately reflect the social innovation concept of key lighting, point customization, and branding, and is a subjective material condition for cross-border lighting products and innovative life existence.

Nowadays, how to ensure a safer atmosphere in hotels and buildings is an essential technical element in lighting engineering.

Whether it is a company or a distributor, strict overall planning of the quality of lighting fixtures will not result in significant costs.

Lighting design is a crucial aspect of hotel decoration, and it is inevitable to be too cautious. Communicating with engineering companies about lighting fixtures can increase the distance between the hotel and the building, and more importantly, it is important to fully consider information transactions. Therefore, major brands in the industry are trustworthy.

A short one hour staircase. We have always been living in hotels and the main atmosphere space. Firstly, it is important to ensure aesthetics and applicability. Carefully choose a lamp to be safe. Paired with several lights to enhance the interaction between the hotel and nightclubs, and even enhance the hotel’s charm.

In order to control the lighting atmosphere in the commercial space, absolute uniform illumination was also arranged based on the opened parts. In the relatively high 270 degree area, we chose a brightness and scrambled its dark color. Until all values are 31 lumens. In order to facilitate management and improve illumination, we have drafted a series of measures for the principle.

To prevent glare, we have chosen a low color temperature one. Diagonal flow illumination light source. This method can reduce glare, but the cost is higher.

Project light onto objects to create perfect illumination. However, when using frosted glass lampshades, there may be some interference and interference with the reflectivity and distribution of light. By using a light absorbing surface or directly installing it, the distance of the entire object can be enhanced and the light source is less able to recognize the light emitted.

However, when using frosted glass lampshades, if directly wrapped installation is used, there will not be too much noise, and diffusers such as filter screens are used, which makes the light angle “difficult to handle” and even produces reflected light.

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