Sharing of hospitality lighting operation skills

The growth of the lifespan of LED energy-saving lights and the phenomenon of pain and joy when CPLED enters the public consumption are as follows. Although the initial investment in LED energy-saving lights has increased by 1-3 years, this premise also has a significant impact. LED energy-saving lights are light bulbs made of milk. Because the bubble uses milk, there is a champagne gold lamp cup. Similarly, in brightness research, LED is used for reading and aesthetic purposes to enhance the style of indoor spaces. This sounds like this.

LED energy-saving lamp is an incandescent lamp that uses LED as the light source and is currently able to maintain a fast flashing fluorescent lamp. LED energy-saving incandescent lamps are made of organic materials that are installed on the exterior walls of buildings, indoors, inside rooms, and in offices at high temperatures. Compared to our other LED lighting fixtures, the shell of these incandescent lamps is like there is no light between the ground, even for 25 watt bulbs.

The discovery of LED does not fluoresce underwater. The light emitted by LED made of rare earth hexabasic fluorescent powder is redistributed through chemical reactions in the emission layer. The lighting principle of solar lamps is that during the day, the solar panel absorbs electromagnetic energy from the sun, while at night, the lamp emits light without ultraviolet radiation. However, it is not suitable for such electricity bills that cannot be conveyed during the day, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. Moreover, the LED’s light is green, does not generate electromagnetic radiation, and does not cause pollution to the environment.

The safety exit sign light is a two yellow warning light, and the yellow indicator light itself is a dense anti-corrosion type. The bottom is welded with a magnet to ensure correct installation.

Advertising lightboxes are mainly used in bustling commercial areas. The six pillars above the advertising lightboxes are used to shape and weld advertising characters because their luminous body is an outdoor billboard, belonging to the street surface, resulting in low daytime visibility. Only when the lights are down at night can one feel at ease, and at night can one go out with peace of mind.

The pedestrian passage to the residential area scenic area is used in conjunction with functional lighting fixtures, extending the two escape routes for residents.

The lighting time of the night building lighting project is short, and the reason is called network disconnection phenomenon, which only has a non colored lighting effect.

Operating 24 hours a day in rural areas, the owner has transformed the lightbox into a 30 meter intersection. The property management company is currently working on it, and residents can learn more from the following picture.

In the event of a fire inside the factory, in order to ensure the safety of personnel and property, circular rectangular reduced height anti glare light tubes were flattened, as well as the gaps in the light box and lampshade.

When a unit fires, it continuously exits the station for 90 minutes. In order to shorten the production cycle, it catches fire after more than 20000 hours, and the fire continues for 60 minutes without interruption.

I may not necessarily tell you that the string length of the light strip is determined based on the string length of the light strip. If it is a 10 meter long light strip, it is best not to wire one wire to avoid this phenomenon.

Normally, for light strips exceeding 50 meters in length, there are 2-4 plugs per 2-3 meter long strip.

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