Sharing with hospitality lighting inspection institutions and companies

The hospitality lighting inspection agency company shares how to assist people in completing a perfect hotel agreement, whether it is going out or in a hotel, lighting engineering is a big deal.

The lighting design workflow of a first-class hotel – design process – lamp selection – art and design – prioritize creativity.

Publish the hospitality lighting design list, precautions, and special requirements, while dividing the hotel space into several levels.

Determine the selection of lighting fixtures based on the hotel design theme, consider the size of the site, floor height, type, layout, or other methods, and comprehensively consider the functional area, functional area, progress, and progress indicators during the design phase.

Collect preliminary design results, including scheme details, renderings, dimensions, installation guidance, renderings, etc.

During the hotel’s processing period, multiple CCTV systems can be used to collaborate on multiple themes during stages such as design, installation, meetings, breaks, movies, seminars, and discussions.

Customized according to the design, ensuring functional zoning, dimming and brightening. Multiple display screens are separated. The control area can display symbols, row loads, or eliminate signs. The direction of the light is represented by the symbol “Ming”.

According to the characteristics of the garden landscape, the entire plan is illuminated. According to the style of the garden landscape, the main lighting cost for the entire project is 219-325 yuan. Each garden landscape has corresponding lighting standards requirements. In contrast to the standard, cold tones are generally the main color scheme. The general arrangement of lamps is: the entire lamp has a diameter of 170mm, and the lamp head has a diameter of 20mm. The light source adopts LED energy-saving bulbs.

Control method: Different lighting methods should be selected for garden landscapes based on factors such as season, brightness, color, and weather.

According to the standard, the standard range of lighting for the entire project should not cover all public health outlets. It must be introduced to lighting locations equipped with comprehensive energy efficiency indicators.

The situation at the exit is the opposite. Generally, the average illuminance of lighting locations with standard width and height settings should be 23-25%, and the standard average illuminance of outdoor lighting should be 16-16%.

With the continuous progress of technology and the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, scientifically designed lighting fixtures not only have a long service life but also have strong ornamental value. (1) Energy saving principle. All lighting fixtures shall be made of aurora free catalyst glass, 36~220 μ Mol/s. The lamp life shall not be less than 2000 hours, and advanced photocatalysis and Thermal equilibrium technology shall be adopted.

The luminous flux standard of LED beads is usually above 310 lumens. Luminous flux (LM) refers to the lamp bead W. The so-called main light flux of traditional light sources refers to the ability to emit uniform colors and continuously transfer the radiation of the light source outward. Add light angle and other light intensity. The theoretical service life of LED lamp beads is 100 to 1000 hours. Generally speaking, the brightness standard for LED beads is 100 to 50. The size standard for LED housing should be Φ 50-80mm. The size standards of LED lighting fixtures are suitable for V-shaped design for optimal lighting areas. Generally speaking, the input voltage is 15-143/1/r.

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