Solving the Problem of Low Exposure in the hospitality lighting Industry

The hospitality lighting industry’s solution to the problem of low exposure can be largely ignored. Therefore, the hospitality lighting industry’s solution is to promote our hotel’s awareness of the characteristics of high-quality hospitality lighting from the perspective of general consumers. Every illuminator has their own ideas, rather than denying them. The hospitality lighting design department rigorously discusses thematic concepts in visual perception. According to research, it has been found that the hospitality lighting design department is aware of the group level based on the practical significance of hospitality lighting design thinking. These individual levels are issues that must be noted. If it is purchased for ordinary households, it is crucial for hospitality lighting design technology to use it as a guest room in the future. The department in charge of hospitality lighting design studies a set of lighting system schemes and their current situation based on the hospitality lighting design, analyzes the environmental characteristics of the location, and finds the most suitable suggestions. At the same time, combined with the hospitality lighting design scheme and hospitality lighting design standards, the hospitality lighting design scheme is selected.

hospitality lighting design is not a concept of “lighting up”, “lighting up further” is the initial feature of “not crossing over”, so the existence of lights originates from space. The eaves of the third pillar, located inside the hotel, adhere to the hotel building in a three-dimensional manner like a branch column. The building walls, floors, decorations, embedded parts, and light sources all extend towards the recesses, forming a distinct unity. Add light according to the shape of the wall paper surface. From walls, ceilings, floors, ceilings to ceiling lighting, Chengdu hospitality lighting Design Company emphasizes “transparency and good transparency” from the outside. Implementing the concept of the future to the end is to integrate lighting design into aesthetic concepts.

The lighting design of hotpot restaurants is not only about simple lighting, but also regards safety as the lighting concept of buildings. No matter where the door is originally, everything inside the store is systematized, and the lighting design of each part forms a common path.

A good decorative lighting design should be a combination of space and space. Interior designer can combine the functional areas of each area and conduct all-round lighting design according to the flow of people in the area, so as to save energy and improve viewing efficiency.

One of the main purposes of a hospitality lighting design is to create a spacious and bright space, and many hotels are suitable for dynamic and dynamic spaces.

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