Stair Lighting

Staircase Chandelier

For the design of different villa stairs, the staircase chandelier installed in the space also have certain attention. In addition to matching the style of the stair chandelier, it is also necessary to consider whether the color and shape match the stairs. For example, the European-style hollow wrought iron stair railings, matched with European-style candle-shaped chandeliers, instantly highlight the layered decoration of the entire space.

The arrangement and installation of staircase chandelier is not just about installing lighting on the ascending part of the stairs. For large villas, the stairs are also not decorated with lights. For example, the installation of staircase chandelier is necessary. In conjunction with the entire ceiling light design and the decorative design of the aisle wall, the spotlight design embedded in the ceiling can not only highlight the decorative effect of the aisle wall, but also match the lighting design of the entire ceiling space.

If the staircase is decorated in a semi-spiral minimalist European style, then the design of the staircase chandelier can be selected according to the color of the wall wallpaper in the stairwell. We are a professional staircase chandelier manufacturer in China, please feel free to contact us!