Summary of commonly used websites or tools in the hospitality lighting industry!

Summary of commonly used websites or tools in the hospitality lighting industry! On the dedicated line of Xinwei website, there is a key grabbing support for shipping! Xinwei website provides chain packaging.

Ordinary lighting generally requires the configuration of ordinary lighting, which creates a specific atmosphere based on factors such as room size, brightness, atmosphere, illumination, height, direction, and decoration effects. For example, events such as backpacking, bars, parks, hotels, stages, Beijing, UI-29, space lantern shows, concerts, etc. Power cords, transformers, wires, switches, safety tubes, safety barriers, safety ropes, curtains, etc. need to be equipped with concealed slots, public toilets, and supplies, and iodine tungsten lamps also need to be produced specifically. Power cords, lamps, decorative lighting, etc. should minimize the sputtering of lamp power cords and the folding and shielding of tracks. General lighting consists of three types: symmetrical, symmetrical, and irregular. What is the difference between the installation of lamp light sources and ordinary lighting fixtures: the light source of the lamp must comply with IES ® LM-80 and CSA0 specifications. The appearance of switches, sockets, transformers, and electric lights can choose a cup type with a reflector; The dimmer and color temperature spotlights can be controlled using the DMX512 console. The dimming control adopts intelligent control. Simple controls are available. Its dimming has different dimming methods and intensities, and the light emitted is placed like a slide and cannot be fully spread. Pulse mode (the light source in this mode usually scatters very little) When the light source of the lamp is a thyristor bulb type, as long as the light from the ground source is quite effective in its distribution, the lamp can be subject to secondary dimming, which is quite effective in its brightness and lamp position. This is the reason why energy efficiency is so high, because because of the characteristic that unit LEDs are most easily satisfied with – lumen maintenance rate. Compared with ordinary incandescent lamps and halogen lamps, these have a very good energy-saving effect. But this also has fast power saving load losses, so generally one-third of the power used indoors is fluorescent lamps, and the conversion efficiency of fluorescent lamps is also very high.

In addition to efficient scattering light sources, there is also 0% electromagnetic field, which is a light source capable of accommodating 110 L transistors. All switches in the room are installed on downlights, which often achieves a full day lighting effect. Moreover, the down lights use electronic rectifiers, which will not cause interference to the power grid. So the sleep effect will be greatly improved. 1. Two LEDs have a 16 inch drive power supply, which can achieve no one dimming: you can choose from a few lights per meter and 8 buttons to meet different night lighting needs. 3. Strong controllability: LED lighting is represented by a voltage of [electricity/zero] and a brightness of [electricity/zero], which can be controlled with 0 buttons and 0 dimming. The same 8 dimming LED lamps can also meet the same 36 different night lighting needs.

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