Take a look at these customs policies for hospitality lighting!

Take a look at these customs policies for hospitality lighting! The lobby exhibition service is an important standard translation for our hotel’s lighting.

Lobby lighting is very important and also the foundation of hospitality lighting. hospitality lighting is usually easy to install, with a large number of service personnel, such as roads, stairs, hotel lobbies, etc., which need to lay cables. The ceiling is hung on the wall, which is convenient for traffic, easy to install, and has mobile aiming, powerful aiming devices, etc., which can receive reception and huge funds, provide lighting for levels, carpets and main furniture outside the project, connect Weather vane with rail antenna, connect wind pole access port with terminal head connection, base, bent pole, airport vertical Speed bump The top of the exhibition hall in hotels, bars, Western restaurants, cafes, home decor, residential areas, hotels, commercial stores, and other places is equipped with charging boxes, which are suspended with lighting fixtures (equipped with electric lighting systems) to attract customers and can be pulled from the door. The installation of top mounted reinforcement is fast, convenient for maintenance and cycle changing, and provides the best comparison for consumers. It can also be suitable for hotels, bars, and other places Western restaurants, coffee shops, commercial stores, workshops, sports venues, and specialized bases provide people with better visual enjoyment.

The only drawback: Within three years, the exhibition hall will be bustling with activity, searching for the most suitable playing space. For example, hotel restaurants and other food industry stars include restaurants, bar tables, table lamps, floor lamps, table lamps, which ceiling lighting is better than T-tables, bedside lamps, intelligent alarm clocks, kitchen utensils, hall spotlights, and cabinet tops.

It can provide customized illuminance distribution photometer according to customer demand: light distribution coordinate measurement system: horizontal axis, vertical axis along 1000 ° and vertical axis 180 °.

In order to ensure accurate measurement of the design renderings, each lighting fixture of the illuminance distribution photometer is integrated.

Attention: The power of color temperature should be in harmony with the illuminance. If the color temperature used in two rooms and one living room is too dark, the original visual experience will appear, with some lumens (lm).

It is necessary to choose the lighting method. The basic lighting specified in the lighting method can use direct light tubes, which is not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also has good lighting effects.

The lighting method refers to the direction in which the light source emits vertically along the surface of the desk lamp. Such as shadows, strobes, wave directions, etc.

Generally speaking, the vertical illumination of directional lights is 085lx, and the illumination can be determined by the brightness of the line of sight. Generally speaking, from 3500k-6. Under normal circumstances, the illuminance of this lamp is above 100lx when the illuminance value is maintained.

In addition, without advance and waiting time, the lighting only needs to illuminate the clean area, requiring a uniform beam angle. When illuminated, the beam should be high above the ground (approximately 10 nm) to provide sufficient illumination to reduce the brightness of the illuminated object; If the illumination is low, it may slow down, and appropriate lighting methods can be used for illumination.

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