Template for filling in hospitality lighting packing information

Provide specific technical assistance for training on hospitality lighting packaging information filling template sales installation (sales office, hotel package fee standards).

Qetch energy-saving LED down light 3w 65 inch 4 inch ceiling light, down light (25 inch) product description.

Engineering customization, purchasing lighting fixtures according to the customization plan, generally can provide non calibrated methods, non calibrated methods+several stages, specific technical solutions include: engineering.

The project is priced at 30 yuan per panel (including the panel), and the Hongyihao brand lighting fixtures will be provided by the engineering supervision unit (including the panel).

Integrating professionalism and putting industry first, utilizing scientific management and economic development to create greater commercial value.

The company was established as a professional, efficient, and standardized industrial lighting company. The company has been established since its establishment.

Committed to providing customers with professional, intelligent, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective industrial lighting products and services. The company adheres to advanced production and manufacturing concepts, with 5 series of production lines, producing and shipping over 100 products worldwide.

The products produced by our company are mainly exported to new varieties, and the core products are mainly exported to the European, American, and Southeast Asian markets. The products are highly praised by users for their performance, excellent quality, favorable prices, and original after-sales service.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of “precision, innovation, and nation building”, and strives to create high-quality products in every detail, promoting continuous progress in our business and rewarding our customers. We firmly believe that hard work never fails; Continuously innovate to meet the needs of every customer; Dongdao Spring returns to the earth to carry out customer assistance work, making customers worry free.

The new type of purification lamp, as the name suggests, is mainly customized for flat panel purification lamps and engineering purification lamps. Compared to traditional purification lamps, purification lamps have the following significant advantages.

LED purification lights are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan; Purification lamps are different from ordinary lighting in that they have high luminous efficiency and are more energy-efficient;

LED purification lights are more environmentally friendly and have a longer lifespan; To reduce the impact on the environment, LED purification lights use LED ultra high brightness luminous power, while LED purification lights use LED ultra high brightness luminous power, with a large number of blue light LEDs.

LED clean lamps, the size and structure of the internal parts of LED clean lamps should be comparable to the powerful components used, making them safer and more reliable;

LED purification lamps and lanterns do not contain harmful substances such as mercury and lead, resulting in less environmental pollution; The purification effect of LED purification lamps should be comparable to traditional lamps;

LED clean lighting fixtures, used for lighting in factory workshops, and for disinfection of LED clean lighting fixtures; LED clean lighting fixtures.

In short, LED purification lamps have made great contributions to the industry. They have high uniformity in LED flat panel clean lamps, LED panel clean lamps, and other LED flat panel clean lamps. LED purification lamp manufacturers offer affordable prices, as well as products with high cost-effectiveness such as LED clean panel clean lamps.

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