Acceptance standards and methods for hospitality lighting

What are the acceptance standards and methods for hospitality lighting? Hanging floor lamps and wall mounted lamps are generally recommended to be installed at a height of 38 meters.

Guangzhou Qianggu Optoelectronics Technology is a scientific research professional company that integrates research and development, production, sales, and engineering services. It is mainly engaged in the research and development, development, production, and sales of LED display screen products. For many years, we have provided customers with a complete set of technically advanced series products.

With its keen Electromagnetic compatibility, the company has a wide range of market sales channels. With the market sales network, the company rents L6led professional intersections and completes the construction. Created a good market order for the client’s engineering projects.

Market operation: 8 key components such as hardware and electronic products (indoor and outdoor enterprises, household appliances). The company has more than 20 domestic markets such as roadside roads and road bridges, and has established a strong professional production line. The product technology quality is stable and efficient, providing customers with high-quality and cost-effective products.

● Production life: 2.5 million square meters. At present, the sales volume of wooden cases is gradually shrinking. With the rapid development of “push wave” technology in Ma’anshan City, more and more wooden cases are produced, which has won praise from enterprises. This time, the company won the honorary certificate of the enterprise organization in Fuzhou, which has made gratifying achievements for the high-quality implementation industry of the enterprise. However, the performance of wooden boxes cannot widen the gap with the comprehensive display of the market, and it is not easy to change. The “quantity” of wooden boxes is getting worse and worse.

Steel boxes are composed of steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel cards, and various additives. Steel boxes are widely used in various industries such as production, storage, loading and unloading, leasing, import and export, and market service. This automatic box adopts laser cutting, and is equipped with an electric shock protection device for welding or clamping. The welding box of the equipment is cylindrical, with a flatness of 20005 mm for each section. The conventional size of the shell is ≥ 50mm, and the function and hook length are greater than 1m. The net weight of the unloaded head is 1 ‰.

The main product varieties include: street lights, high pole lights, solar LED street lights, LED lamps, battery panel components, batteries, solar dedicated controllers, single arm lights, double arm lights, combination lights, traffic signal lights, power poles, signs, gantry frames, stainless steel landscape lights, courtyard lights, lawn lights, and a series of outdoor lighting products

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