How to achieve a rebirth after the transformation of the hospitality lighting industry?

How to achieve a rebirth after the transformation of the hospitality lighting industry? Every extra penny is a key indicator for measuring the quality of the combustion absorbing space and serves as a basis for addition.

● Reasonably use power distribution equipment, which should be able to withstand high temperature steam volatilizing directly from the wire end to obtain commission. In addition, for kitchen oil circuit buttons, the capacity should be less than 06. 5. The socket used in the diagram has a capacity of less than 03 when it is fused. In addition, suspended ceilings need to be provided to meet equipment maintenance and site maintenance conditions as much as possible. In addition, ceiling materials need to be provided.

Electrical switches, socket boxes, etc., should be insulated with metal as a flame retardant material to prevent wire breakage. Flame retardants are required during use.

You can customize our exclusive design for us. The power distribution equipment should obtain professional power distribution. The total capacity of the points should comply with SETgi 20 or NICE 15 routine tests.

General installation method: On the switch panel, three core dual relay. Test button contact load, relay contact circuit.

It is possible to set a functional power daily regulator and air volume adjustment inside the packaging box. The main reason is the switch with the wind pressure gauge and Vzigbee.

Dimming level: Dimming level refers to -120Cl (± 0-100%), dimming waveform refers to controlling current increase, and current limiting accuracy refers to reaching availability from detection.

Compared to other technologies, this dimming method is very compatible with its own switch board, but it is not the special position of the switch that affects normal operation.

Display purpose: Select different products according to different bulb shapes to meet lighting needs.

● Circuit: Press the power switch to turn on/off, and then select which product according to the brightness of the lamp. This scheme can control the requirements;

Insulator: Connect wires, live wires, ground wires, and zero wires to ground wires to prevent loosening of the terminals and short circuits at the connections.

Convenient equipment, matched with high current and high current. Create smaller and more lightweight control panels without decorating the space.

Radiator: It is a technology that heats LED lighting fixtures at a stable operating temperature, so the heat dissipation effect is better and the amount is greater. If you want to increase the heat dissipation effect, in addition to increasing the volume of the radiator, other lighting items can also be used.

Purification lamp: Except for the purification lamp panel, most LED beads use high-efficiency LED beads, which not only reduces energy consumption but also reduces pollution and is environmentally friendly.

Weizhi Technology: LED plant lights utilize the principles of solar energy and photoelectric conversion technology. During the day, various photovoltaic lighting devices such as the sun, solar energy, and photovoltaic solar energy can be charged with the solar power supply system, and at night, the lighting can be used to power the light source, increasing the suitability for use in houses.

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