How to revitalize the hospitality lighting industry?

How to revitalize the hospitality lighting industry? Provide the perfect residential lighting design scheme we want to express? This is something many people are unaware of. Ideal Home Lighting Design Company believes that: 1 only gives people a bright feeling.

Under the rise of this green business, hotels, restaurants, corporate commercial streets, and so on all use high-efficiency energy-saving lights. Through the use of lighting colors, environmental decoration design will bring significant changes to the city. Pay attention to street lights: The customer is concerned about whether the street lights are damaged. Street lights can achieve good landscape effects.

The lighting design of hotels should establish a harmonious relationship with many commercial cities, make the night scene lighting of hotels more personalized, and promote the development of local tourism industry. Many hotels consider tourism, so they invest or benefit from their actual needs by investing a lot of manpower and resources as hospitality lighting system engineering services. Hotel city lighting services and hotels.

Attention must be paid to the lighting design of hospitality lighting: 1. The installation height of lamps and the recommended hole distance from the wall should be ≤ 40mm. Firstly, the spacing between the wall lights is approximately the same as many actual streets in the street community. The distance between shallow water areas is about 1 meter, and when approaching the runoff corridor, the wall should be set at a distance of 2 meters.

Comprehensive: hotel building lighting, hotel mountain lighting, commercial lighting, garden lighting, square lighting, tourist scenic spots, building lighting, and logo creation.

The lighting engineering design scheme provides our drawing reference based on the characteristics and design style of the building. Floodlight Xiangtan City.

In 1030, we focused on outdoor lighting LED lighting projects, striving to create a smart community space for investors with a sense of sense, career, and happiness.

In fact, this lighting concept is often not easily introduced into excellent policies through systematic learning, mainly because it is not natural light and there are some scenes like sunset, and humans have more feelings for illuminated lighting. Adjacent to this unified and monotonous concept, it creates an atmosphere between these schools.

The lighting project is both a combination of building night scenes and artistic creation and processing, involving many service projects, covering various projects.

We often see such data as’ accurate ‘, and even an innovative standard that is shocking is the first time such LED lights have been used. After that, the heat is calculated, from high to low, and there is no difference in appearance.

All these high-power LED lighting fixtures can be reasonably set according to their own needs. Generally speaking, the power is mostly 10W, 24W, 36W, 48W. But the power may not necessarily reach above, and it is impossible to achieve the goal.

The entire process requires the correct switch, and LED lighting fixtures should not touch the fuse housing during operation. Some links may be between one thousandth of the high-frequency frequency, and the capacitor of the fuse may be burned, which is a theoretical electric shock accident and can instantly ignite the circuit space.

LED has humanized advantages such as quality assurance, price assurance, and welcoming teachers, experts, and suppliers. We mainly develop two excellent LED lighting fixtures in the main development field of Green Energy.

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