Please pay attention to exporting bespoke lighting to these countries in the near future! Strike or make it impossible for customers to pick up goods.

Different countries have different requirements for lighting gifts, and Halloween is also the same. Each country corresponds to a different holiday, such as Christmas and Spring Festival. What should we pay attention to?

Due to the rapid development of China’s economy, there are very few Christmas trees, which are not only divided into colored lights, string lights, and hanging Christmas trees, but also a large number of LED lights. The Christmas tree of the bear tree and the festive atmosphere are very strong, and there are very few Christmas trees. Even some small Christmas spots will be hung with a small amount of Christmas lights, which are more exquisite and charming than the lighting of glass.

Due to the fact that the auditorium does not require any form of performance, it is very necessary to hold some activities. Therefore, the stage layout in the auditorium should be relatively high to avoid irrelevant personnel from entering by mistake. At the same time, the decoration of the stage should also be more beautiful. The lighting can enrich and change the shape, and different themes can be decorated according to different styles, creating different lighting atmospheres.

Special lighting arrangements and lighting arrangements can break the silence of the public area. In the planning of theme activities, the elements of lighting should be taken into account. The lighting arrangements for mutual communication, interaction, and artistic mixing should be arranged reasonably to create an atmosphere, forming a harmonious coordination and creating a harmonious atmosphere as a whole.

The design of Stage lighting can fully consider the needs of the stage and audience to make the lighting design more diversified. It can highlight the characteristics of personality and stage atmosphere through comprehensive consideration of Color difference, brightness difference, stage scale and other factors.

The requirements for lighting fixtures vary depending on the purpose of the performance. The basic lighting configuration of the theater stage mentioned here refers to the basic ability to meet the needs of ordinary performances such as opera, dance, ballet, drama, and local drama. Downlight, also known as RA P lamp, is constructed by installing a mirror shaped bulb inside a cylinder or a tungsten bromide bulb inside a reflective bowl. Its main characteristic is that it can emit a relatively fixed beam of light, with a variety of beam angles, but the size of the spot cannot be adjusted; High power astigmatic lamps for ceiling and floor lighting are used to illuminate the ceiling from top to bottom, with a requirement for brightness and balance, and a large illumination area:

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