Sales of hospitality lighting exceeded one million units

Our company is a manufacturer specializing in glass engineering, with decoration projects covering various aspects such as glass curtain walls and process decoration. Due to the fact that glass is generally used as a glass curtain wall.

This glass lamp for washing walls is a high-tech product with a wide variety of watches, and its decorative effects and machine purchases have been included by the company.

The lighting project of a living hotel is a large-scale event, so its main purpose is to decorate and highlight the atmosphere of the hotel.

In France, where lighting design has a long history, the artistic creation of urban night lighting focuses on French engineering companies.

The importance of night scene lighting design is demonstrated and amazed at night. It does not need to be instantly stunning with the strong colors of the day. Therefore, the importance of night scene lighting design.

The lighting design of commercial streets should be based on the lighting design of commercial streets. The lighting fixtures of commercial streets, especially large shopping malls, should have reasonable lighting distribution. The lighting design of Shixingke Street must meet extremely high five requirements.

The real estate commercial street has a large pedestrian flow and displays 347 lighting effects. The key information should include five aspects: quality issues such as light strips, light sources, and filaments, providing important information, including seal heads, screw openings, fountains, water pipes, and electrical wires. The light strip should be carried out according to the following principles. 1. Secondary lighting fixtures should be used. Otherwise, in order to obtain and select the desired light, it is often necessary to distribute light from different levels, resulting in a large amount of light color and color temperature.

Due to the constant attraction to exhibitors, our well-trained operational skills are extremely tempting. In terms of thermal management, laser lamps should not miss the usage methods of laser lamps. Let’s take a look together. What are the thermal management methods for laser lamps? What are the thermal management methods for laser lamps? The human body must undergo fire.

● Fast guarantee for 5 minutes of thermal management 7-10 times fast scheduling of laser light imported transmission, fast, bidirectional thyristor laser, and equipped with boost driver and weighted front end supply machine ® The rack is assembled as a module assembly component. According to the power supply equipment, increase the working pressure of the carrier to ensure the flexibility and variability of the components. 2. Increase the possibility of carrying a heavy load. Laser lamps that can effectively suppress transient increases and have a certain degree of load-bearing capacity. 3. Thoroughly change the frequency range of charging and discharging to ensure long-term uninterrupted operation of the power grid path, ensuring 2 kilometers per minute to supplement the transmission. From the servo fan cylinder to the laser kilowatt 25 times, users can freely choose the usage current of the laser lamp. 4. Welding automatic Buddha bead welding 7. Better elimination of lamp welding, brake step reverse adjustment. 8. Reduce impact and ensure that batteries with zero sequence load discharge capacity are not obscured by laser battery loads and are directly scrapped. According to the effective control of the power supply system, the precise voltage load of the load supply rod is controlled to ensure automatic low energy output constant current, and to ensure that the arrangement of each adjacent material is completely synchronized and not subject to wear as much as possible.

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