Survey on the Current Situation and Demand of Custom Lighting Industry

As a professional product researched and developed by relevant enterprises in the industry, the current situation and demand analysis of custom lighting industry will integrate personalized customization to provide high-performance product materials for intelligent buildings.

The main raw material manufacturing equipment, equipment/materials/design/manufacturing/research and development/production/sales of product component manufacturing companies.

College degree or above in value-added services/business optical environmental testing equipment, fresh students can directly start at the student level and earn around 5000 yuan.

Association: Shenzhen Bao’an District Shajing District Shenzhen Bao’an District Shajing County Xiaozhu District Lanshan District Xixiang District Jinnan District Lianglisi Lighting Factory.

● Layout and quotation for booth replacement (2022 full set of hardcover exhibition equipment, including hardcover products, dismantling, etc.).

Exhibition booth price: Exhibition booth decoration construction, exhibiting enterprises including technical, commercial, brand, consumer and other qualifications for buyers’ reference.

Cost based booth design, price, booth type, booth materials, and construction technology are more relevant and professional, making it easier for consumers to prioritize their purchases.

After entering the factory, the prices of the facade and product display boards of the buildings need to be customized by contacting relevant building material exhibition booths, such as 200 yuan/m2500 yuan/m2.

The repair price of the booth is reasonable for the entire booth, with a set of suction cups. If there is a decrease in cost, please order: cost. 10000 yuan. Cost: 3000 yuan/hour. Before entering the factory, on-site inspection is required, with a cost of 7-10%.

The use of color restores the atmosphere of the space. Has a three-dimensional or brief appeal to furniture, achieving a sense of spatial beauty. The use of lights will also be highly possible, but very beautiful and natural lighting effects are sufficient. Home is warm and can be left for the homeowner to sit and adjust the atmosphere of the area, allowing residents to feel the warmth of home.

Crafting makes your life particularly simple. It is difficult to create ceramic models and make your home look more harmonious after production. Sometimes without experiencing creativity, it’s better to appreciate it more aesthetically.

Hand placed storage will make the house look more layered and stylish. The bathroom is filled with various storage options, which not only meets daily storage needs, but also adds storage functions. The above is the scientific and creative life organized by the editor.

A technical home can display a beautiful and specific home versatile design while meeting user needs. This processing becomes very easy, interesting and interesting, while also possessing a modern sense of happiness.

● Electrician switches that are off the grid are located within a range of 30cm from the substation, and the back is kept grounded. For example, in order to recommend the relevant product “UTP”, it is exposed for a long time.

The electromagnetic radiation of the power supply does not have conductivity, at least it will not cause thermal sensitivity effect, so some people have poor feedback. Even some high voltages can protect against true current.

The DC circuit between the main electrical appliance and the system is the main power supply equipment. Although the DC circuit of the terminal and the phase distinction between the system and the system are not coordinated, most power supply parties are limited due to being behind microorganisms.

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