The first breakthrough in the hospitality lighting industry

The hospitality lighting industry has made a breakthrough in lighting technology for the first time, leading hotels to achieve the integration of digitization and art, and creating a pure and modern lighting design concept for hotels.

The company cooperates with many experts to deeply understand the Market trend, establish a lighting detection system, a light color evenness tester, a color grade, a final data detection, and a plan from the differences of lamp categories, from engineering lighting, effect lighting, and overall lighting testing.

The company has established good long-term cooperative relationships with major domestic lighting enterprises and research and development institutions, and is one of the few major lighting enterprises and technical personnel in the industry to cooperate.

Famous brands in the lighting industry, mainly including innovative lighting solutions in various industries such as commercial lighting, entertainment, main lighting, outdoor lighting, medical, etc., provide professional lighting solutions and services for domestic users.

Established in 1991, it is a wholly-owned brand enterprise specializing in production, research and development, and sales.

With the development of LED lighting, some well-known commercial lighting brands in the world still hold a certain place.

LED lighting, one of the main global markets, has been published globally (in the next 20 years) and has become the mainstream in other lighting applications of the LED lighting series, with more possibilities offered by Global and Feidu Global (Prospects).

Therefore, in order to provide more high-quality lighting solutions, we are committed to becoming one of the successful cases in many fields in China.

At present, the main domestic LED lighting market in the world has a rapid growth trend, but at the same time, there is also a rapid growth trend in its domestic market, including exports and many downstream enterprises worldwide, all of which are aimed at meeting consumer demand.

Therefore, in order to further deepen the construction of the “green lighting” high standard LED lighting era, the open market of LED lighting products has achieved significant success.

Although LED lamps consume more energy than traditional lamps, their ability to save power and ultraviolet radiation reduces the burden on the environment, which is the driving force for sustainable development of many enterprises’ products.

The application of LED lighting cannot only be limited to the lighting field, but must have directionality in more application fields. The development trend of LED lighting technology has reached 40%, and its energy-saving and emission reduction effects have been recognized and favored by a large number of users.

Green lighting includes reducing electricity consumption and consuming electricity. But LED lighting fixtures still rely on brightness and brightness to reflect the brightness level. The same digital color screen flat panel lamp, as an energy-saving product, has high quality, validity, and easy installation, resulting in low production cost and high luminous efficiency. But LED lighting cannot yet replace any high energy consuming lighting products.

Some energy-saving lamps have defects, and due to their high prices, it is difficult to ensure maintenance and management of lighting. Here we need some imported semiconductor materials for incandescent lamps, which require a very high UV material. However, some longevity plants can achieve very soothing effects.

The haze battery on the arm, as an important safety component, often has some loopholes when exerting efforts. Firstly, this performance should be maintained, based on the analysis of the important fault location of the original company’s CPU, the components should be removed, and then improved through an optical lens before coating.

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